Day 45, Casino Royale

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This mornign i woke up quite early and ended up listening to my ipod in bed and then calling Whitey, who is staying at Lorens, while he was still asleep to rant about the fact that Liverpool are against Barca in the Champions League because i thought he would be the one who would most understand...He wasnt best pleased at being woken up.

After playing some N64 in my room, i was picked up by Erin's mum and taken to a neraby shopping centre. Amanda didnt come as she had to go to the party of one of her boyfriend's friends and i wasnt interested. The mall was packed with Christmas shoppers and we even saw Santa...again! I was also amazed by some of the shops, 'The Reject Shop' and 'The $2 Dollar Shop,' which is like the POund shop but only 50p, although some things are actually more than $2...Go figure. Despite this blantant rip off tactic i still came out with a bag full of stuff....we all did. Erin, Michaela and i all bought fancy dress gear for when we got to the cricket in Melbourne and we're really getting excited now. There were wigs, headbands, hula skirts...the lot so everybody better look out for us on T.V on the second and third days of the Boxing Day test. Speaking of which, Oz is not the best place to be when England are getting hammered in the Ashes. Today went quite well actually but im not holding my breath.

Whitey rang while we were at the mall, and he has broken my camera. I remained calm because it must have only been an accident but it has been playing on my mind all day now. I love taking pictures and now i wont have a camera for The Neighbours tour, which sounds stupid but ive really been looking forward to it, and also Christmas. I am gutted.

Anyway, Erin's mum picked us up and took us back to her place. It is really nice and i watched the cricket with her mum and dad who are just really really nice people!

Soon after we left for the train station because we went to ST Kilda beach for fish and chips and for a cpuple of drinks. While we were there i ended up calling ALi and talking all about his Rugby DInner adventures.

We then headed back into the city, walked along the river and went to Crown casino which is a massive complex with a casino, hotel, arcade, shops and restaurants. We all went to Galactic Circus which is a huge arcade and Whitey, Michaela, Becca, Loren, Heath and I all went for a drink in the bar. Unfortunately Tim, John and the others didnt get in....

After a while we decided to head off and walked back to the train station. The hour journey back was a hilarious one with everybody telling jokes and having a real laugh. Nick was on fire! He's so funny. I spent all my credit trying to ring a taxi but they were all full but some woman walked over and said 'i dont mean to eavesdrop but there is another number for taxi;s for the northern suburbs.' I clearly were eavesdropping you knew ALL the details. mayt as well have come over and said...'Michael is it?'  So anyway, Nick offered to give me a lift....i said he didnt have to but he insisted. He joked his dad was an angry man and everybody turned out he really was!

I got in the car with him and John and it soon became apparent that nobody knew where Amanda lived at all! We were even on the phone to Amanda for 45 minutes but we still couldnt find it and NIcks dad, Michael, was furious. The fact it was 2am did not help. Everytime he went back on himself he yelled and swore and he absused Amanda down the phone! Eventually he just asked John if he had a spare bed and told him i was stayin at his house! JOhn wasnt too keen seen as id never met him before! When we got there though NIck insisted i stayed with himn and i ended up having his bed....


simonas says:
You know the result by now then ! I thought we would come out all guns blazing but sadly England dont do fightbacks !!
Hope ur well matey.Dad x
Posted on: Dec 18, 2006
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photo by: jendara