Day 44

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This morning we got up and ready for our flight to Melbourne. Its fair to say we were all very excited to see the friends we made during the Aussie sports tour to Liverpool College. The flight was again not full and was really good as i was preparing myself for a four hour flight but after two the captain announced we were about to land! I was absolutely made up.

At the airport Erin picked us up! I was a little disappointed with the weather...very sunny but a little chilly compared with Ayers Rock but im told that's just a blip. Erin's mum dropped me off at Amanda's, one of the girls we met in The Pool and the girl who is hosting me....she was pretty excited to see us....she screamed. When she finally shut up she showed me around her house which is massive and in the middle of nowhere. That is quite cool though because it means there are massive kangaroos jumping right beside the house. After settling in i met Amanda's dad who is quite funny and i made a little fool of myself when i thought that now the front gate was shut the kangaroos couldnt get in.....apparently they're the size of me and can just jump the fence!

Amanda made us bolognese and then we went out to a party at one of their friends house. She was a nice boy/girl (it was actually hard to tell) and the party was a great chance to see all familiar faces from the tour! Whitey and i went and got some Jack Daniels and Coke cans(still cant get over them) and then started socialising. It was a lot of fun making fun of people and winding up Loren about her dancing. Everybody was so nice to us like Becca and Michael Mckay turned up with NIck which was great because we werent expecting him due to his operation! Amanda and i got picked up by her mum, which was the first time i met her, at about 11 and headed home to watch Remember The Titans. When we got in i was taking my shoes off, because wooden floor is laid throughout the house i am only allowed very clean shoes or socks, and i lent on the garage door switch instead of the wall, that was quite embarassing too.

Remember The Titans was quite good, ive never seen it before but i was still quite tired...I got on well with everybody tonight and really well with Amanda which is good seen as im staying with her. Im looking forward to relaxing this week.

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photo by: jendara