Day 43, The Red (Hot) Centre

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Last NIght was brillaint. Laura was still in work so we started having drinks with Chris at the backpackers before getting a taxi into the city. We went straight to the bar where we had seen there was cane toad racing being held. After playing a  little pool Chirs and i sponsored a toad each for only $3 in race 2...mine was number 3 and was called Freddie Flintoff! The first race came and went with an American winning. When my toad was announced i had to go out and hold it otherwise i would be disqualified so i did and it was fairly disgusting, Most of the toads were 'weeing' on everybody but fortunately mine must habe 'weed' itself out in the first race, Then it started...and i won!!!! The toads were all released and then the winer was the first to reach the wooden boardings. 

Now was time for the final and its fair to say i was nervous! There were 3 of us in the final, some Vietnamese man was juts let in as there were too few people. This time we picked random toadsm but i managed to get Freddie again, and the big difference was that we were given party blower things and told that we could blow those to 'inspire' or encourage our toads. They were released and the American cheated...typical, but even still thanks to me being down on my knees spanking my toad I WON!!!!  I celebrated extensively. That win was probably the proudest moment of my life....i motivated a toad to such an extent that it wantd to beat all the other toads, just for me! Wow. The American was a really sore loser.

Then came the presentation ceremony. 2nd and 3rd were given medals by some random woman doing the presentation and then i was awarded a trophy and given first choice of the prizes. As all of them required me to actually be in Cairns to take advantage of them, and i was leaving today, i shouted over to Laura and Chris and asked which they would want and so got the prize for them. I then had a word with the woman doing the presentation who was given the same prize... a free cable ski adventure, who gave hers to Chris as well so they could both do it.

Still celebrating we headed off to PJ O"Riens, an Irish bar which had a bar and club. We got lots of celebratory drinks and i showed off my trophy to a lot of people  and then watched as Coyote Dancers busted their moves on the bar! Men and women in the crowd were given the opportunity to do the same and i was tempted but hadnt yet  had enough celebratory drinks.

After a while Chris and Laura had to leave as they were in work tomorrow so we had to say goodbye, Even thought we had only known them for a few days it was really sad and we will keep in touch. They were so nice and we had so much fun. The three of us headed off to another club but it wasnt that good, we were tired and we had an early start so headed home.

This morning we were up around 5am to catch our 2 and a half hour flight to Ayers Rock. The flight was so empty that we could get three seats to ourselves again so we could sleep. There were only 17 people on the whole plane.

When we arrived at Ayers Rock it was HOT! The whole place is so small, ther is just one resort with some shops and then 3 hotels....and the rock, so there was a free shuttle from the airport and then around the whole resort.

After settling in to our hotel room we went straight to the pool. It was gorgeous. We spent all day swaeting and then getting in the pool. Then we went on a Sunset trip the Uluru which was really interesting. We visited the base and then watched the sunset.

Back at the resort we got food....the worst calamari ive ever tasted, and then got back in the pool when it was dark before i listened to music underneath the stars and went to bed.

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Uluru - Kata Tjuta
photo by: Morle