Day 41, What would Nemo do?

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This morning was a very early start as we got a lift with the Hostel bus to the Reef Terminal. AFter check in we boarded the boat and got ready for the hour journey to two of the outer reefs of the Great Barrier Reef. The boat staff were really friendly and really funny on the way, especially Elvis the boss. When we arrived at the first reef we couldnt wait to get in, although Whitey was a little nervous. He turned out to be fine. He had a wetsui and a noodle for increased floatation and Michaela and I were fine snorkelling. The reef is amazing. There are so many different fish and coral plants and the water was really warm! After having a break for the Aussie bbqm, we got back in agian and ventured further into the coral. It was reall shallow and at times we had to be careful we didnt accidentally kick the coral. We saw the biggest fish ever this tme and it must have been the size of me! I dived down to get a closer look but after a while it swam off. I also got to hold some loofer looking piece of coral/ not really sure but it was cool and kind of stuck itself to my hand! As well as it being rainy season, it is also stinger or Jelly Fish season. We were warned but told there werent too many, Some can kill! After a while it became apparent that quite a number had arrived and it was a little daunting but i swam under them and it was fine. Michaela as usual was very scared and actually asked 'What would Nemo do?' and tried to think what he did to overcome the same problem in the film! We then got back on the boat and got talking to an older couple from York who were on our table. Then we decided to go up on top deck and sunbathe because the sun had come out and it was great weather. We got a little burnt but it was good. We were playing about and joking with some Aussie girls and Andy ended up sucking a very surprised MIchaela's toe! The second reef was even better. There was so many crazy-coloured fish and i swam along the edge of the reef to seen an even bigger range of marine life, from the shallower coral, to the deeper waters. Michaela and i loved diving down to get closer looks and touch the sand at the bottom. Andy loved his noodle. The whole experience was fantastic but very tiring and Whitey and i fell asleep listening to Elvis play his guitar on the way back, while Michaela was on top trying to stop herself being sick. Back in Cairns we raced back to the hostel to get my driving licence and then to the airport to pick up the hire car!!! We found a company who hire to under 21's and they gave us a great Mazda for tomorrow for only $45! We are planning to go up to a crocodile farm and transfers would have been $50 this was a much moer economical and fun option. We the went for a McDonalds and back to the hostel to relax in the bar and pool.... After chilling in the room for a while we met back up with Chris and Laura and so played some pool(i ended up in the pool for potting the black) and had a real laugh over some drinks. Chris is hilarious.....'There's a jellyfish which kills you and you only know because you get an overwhelming sense of doom and dread' No new ones yet though.
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photo by: Katie_Kate