Day 38, The Day We Caught The Train.....

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So.....last night was great! We got the train into town and went for a McDonalds before meeting Ruth, Marissa and Angela again at their hostel. We went up to their dorm but were thrown out because apparently they're not allowed guests. Marissa was already very very drunk and angry at being thrown out.. We then missed our train to Kings Cross, the backpacker night life centre, because she was too busy limping so she could use the disabled toilet. It was a good thing we missed the train though as it turns out she is the funniest girl i have ever met, maybe with one exception......'When was the last time you had a meal? 5 days ago? Thought Show!!'

When we finally got into Kings Cross we went straight to O'Mally's, an irish bar. We weren't there for long when Andy had to go and take his shirt off in the toilets and wipe himself down. I then had to go and stand outside with him so he could stop sweating.....nobody else was that hot!

We then walked past the biggest Coca Cola sign in the world to Empire, a club full of backpackers. It was really good and just as we got in we saw Lamo and the others!!! They were in Sydney and in the same bar!!! It was unbelievable.  The bar was really good and we had quite a few drinks.

After quite a bit of dancing, all of us and Lamo and that ended up together on the dance floor. I have NO idea how it started but suddenly a circle had formed with us as the circumference and we were dragging inncoent clubbers in and clapping to make them dance. The circle grew and grew and grew and it was so funny, even though my bad hand was a little sore at the end. It was so good that we set 2 couples up, one who were seen running off together at the end of the night.

When we left the club and started walking through Kings Cross, Andy got a bit of a 'shock' as he decided to go and touch a wicker model of a bent over woman which electricuted him.

It was difficult trying to get a taxi when all the trians had stopped. We tried for ages but none would stop for us. Eventually, what we thought was a taxi stopped, but it turned out to be a plumbers car. There were six of us and he was nice so he said 50 bucks and he would take us all home. Marissa was hilarious....'Have you seen Hostel? Have you seen Wolf Creek? Have you seen Death By PLumber's Car? He's gonna kill you all and then make me clean his little glasses!'

The driver cant have been best pleased! He took us home anyway and eventually we found our way back to Concord West safely. He was a nice man.

This morning was horrible. We got in at 4am and were up at 5:30am to catch the train...not good. The train journey was 10 hours and then we had a 3 hour bus journey to get us to Brisbane. It wasnt the best given our condition but never mind. Im not desperately looking forward to the three other 14 hour train journies we have in Oz. It seems an awful long way to have travelled just to be here for one day....

When we got to Brisbane, Michaela's aunty and her family picked us up. They seem nice and the house is really good. We relaxed and ate when we got in and then after a few beers went in the spa. We're all looking forward to relaxing tomorrow.

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photo by: Mezmerized