Day 35, Free Falling!

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Today was the big skydive day! We all woke up fairly nervous to be honest with the the thought of actually throwing ourselves out of a plane actually sinking in! Margaret gave us a lift down to North Beach, Wollongong and to the drop zone. Everything went so quick. We got a call on the way down saying that if we were quick then we would be put on an earlier jump, and we were quick. When we arrived we quickly paid and were put into our suits. Our jump partners introduced themselves, put on our harnesses and told us to get in the bus. That was it. We thought that at the other end of the bus journey there would be a lengthy training session. There wasnt. We literally walked straight onto the plane. Aahhhhh! Michaela seemed very very nervous, Whitey was feeling it a little bit but i have to be honest, i dont know why...probably stupidity....i was not nervous. When we got to 14,000ft we didnt have time to be nervous. The light went on, the door was opened and one straight after another we were thrown out. It was amazing! A feeling that is unrivalled but indescribable. It almost seems difficult to describe out difficult it is to describe the feeling when you are falling through the air! The buzz after the parachute opened and we were allowed to fly and do spins in the air was huge. I want to do it again! The company was great! We had to wait for our DVD to be finished so we went and got food on the beach. When we returned our DVDs were shown on the television in the office. They are great! The guys filmed so much and it is then all edited superbly with music and everything! I love watching it. They were really good with pictures as well because instead od ripping us off with only a few, they split the DVD into frames of every second so there are about 380 pictures. Some are rubbish but it means that you can pick the perfect photo. They also sent us a link to a 3 minute preview of the fall which can be viewed by anyone. I will post that as soon as i have recieved it! That evening, we were still on a buzz, we went out with a girl, Zoe, 20, who Margaret used to teach. She was really nice, and it turns out her Father was in charge of the Harbour Bridge so she has been up about ten times, including once at 1am! Very rich as well. She took us to a great pub with a rooftop beer garden which overlooked the harbour and the Opera House! Then we all walked down to the Opera House and around the city so we saw Sydney and the harbour lit up for the first time. Zoe looked past the Opera House and said 'Wow look at that amazing full moon!' I couldnt see it so Whitey said 'Ugh its there!! Look how bright it is!!!'......'Thats a floodlight Andy.' He was looking at a huge floodlight in the park the whole time....not the moon. To end the night we went to the Town Hall were huge christmas pictures were being projected onto the old building. My hand is feeling a lot better. I was so happy on the train on the way home because i can click so much more. Thats almost my measure of how my hand is because i was devastated when i discovered i couldnt click. I used to be quite good. Ha. Im a lot better now so im pretty happy about the way its improving.
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photo by: Sunflower300