Day 33, Another Day, Another Dye....

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This morning we had a biiiiiig lie in as we are still quite tired, although it was interrupted by Mary calling AGAIN! HA Only joking love you really Mrs W. At around 2pm after dinner we set off with the plan of visiting some museums as it was quite overcast and, hard as it was to resist, we wanted to wait for a glorius day to see the harbour. We got the train into the city and Whitey spied a hairdressers almost immediately so, you know by now what he's like, he couldnt resist....he HAD to get his hair dyed. Well, he had to get it fixed anyway. The hairdresser did have a good laugh at his 'ginny doo' before sitting him down to turn him into the blonde Aussie surfer dude that he requested. An hour an half, and $150 later he was that surfer dude! It was a shock but it looked good. After that we headed off to meet Michaela's friend, Ruth, from Widnes who herself is travelling with friends around Australia. We all went to a bar to have a drink and a chat and i demolished Andy 2-0 at pool....again. After we left the three girls, we saw that the weather had drastically improved and decided to head to the harbour. It was amazing. There is something about the bridge that i cant describe but seeing it up close was truly fantastic. It's not just any big bridge and now i definitely want to climb it. The girls we met are planning to do it, even though one is scared of heights, bridges and.....STEPS!?!? We walked through the Royal Botanical Gardens which were really nice, around to Macquarie Point and to surely the best view of Sydney possible. The Opera House, the bridge and the city are photographable in one shot from here and it was amazing. We spent so long there taking pictures, enjoying the hot sun and some of us (Andy) paddled in the harbour. The city looked fantastic. I love the way that at the far end of the bridge there are high rise building but they seem almost 'half high rise,' not as big as the ones that tower above them further long. The 'Urban Jungle' that was Hong Kong was amazing and something really unique compared to England....the thousands of cars below and the hundreds of Skyscrapers above, but here it's refreshingly different. One side of the bridge is tall buildings, the other the type of high rise buildings you would get in rural areas....if they existed. They're half way between houses and high rise flats. The whole city seems to be 'half and half.' The roads seem half American (interstates and certain road markings) and half English (silly little roundabouts everywhere), and so does the rail system....Half Asian (touch screen ticket dispensers) and half English (overground, dirty trains)......they are double decker though which seems unique to Oz. After the great views we moved back into Circular Quay to watch the Aboriginal Digeridoo (?) players and other entertainment. Finally this evening we had dinner back at the house after coming home on the train and have sat and looked through all the pictures we took today! What a day....again. And finally.....Mrs Stringer i hear you've been reading these blogs almost as soon as they've been posted......STOP JUST HITTING REFRESH AND DO SOME WORK! Only's nice to know there's a devoted reader out there somewhere! xx
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photo by: Sunflower300