Day 30, G'Day Mate!

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Wow well we're here in Oz so G'day mate, but we nearly weren't! At the airport we rewuested extra leg room like i said, but when we got to the boarding gate a call went out for us to speak to the staff. It turned out that emergency exit seats cant be taken by people with injuries because they may need to help staff...but the extra leg room was requested for me because fo me BUT i was the only one who did not get it! So now we were split up and i still had no extra room but they had given our seats away!! So one helpful air hostess spoke to the passengers and they swapped so that was ok but another woman was very awkward decided to make a big deal about my hand and fax the company doctor in the states casuing the whole boarding to be delayed half an was a very nervy wait but it was ok... i could fly! The eight hour flight wasnt too bad really and Whitey had got speaking to an air hostess from Liverpool who was really nice and really interested in what we were doing. Anyway he mentioned it was my birthday on the trip and she was very talkative with me and then gave me a bottle of white and red wine for my birthday!! It was really nice...but i dont drink wine so gave it to Margeret when we arrived at the house. The house is cool. We're staying in our own little flat with a bathroom and kitchen and lounge and tv which is outside in the garden, so we can come and go as we please, and there's a pool right outside. Although Margeret has been really helpful with taking us round and showing us things. After settling in we had quite a big sleep and then got up to watch the first day of the second Ashes test with a beer in Oz....Quality! Then, Whitey went for a swim. The pool was dirty but only at the top and bottom so was easily cleaned but whiteys swimming mixed it all in,,,, We had dinner and relaxed in the flat before going to bed quite early. It was VERY hot!
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photo by: Sunflower300