Day 28, Michael To The Rescue!

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This morning we had a brilliant lie in and got up about 11. After we got ready we decided to go and get some food but i went to reception first to try and get photos on the internet...i failed. When i went in the receptionist asked me if i wanted to extend... i just nodded and but in down to language difficulties but she explained and it turned out we had paid for one less night than we needed! So i ran down Nathan road and and found the other two to tell them. We thought for the journey back that the flight could be today and Mikay had just made up that we were here for five wasnt. We just paid for one less night and it turned out Whitey knew all along but didnt say anything. ha.

We went to reception to ask about prices as other hostels werent as desirable and they said that a dorm bed for the night would be as expensive as the room we had to ourselves! Apparently it was peak season but on the website we booked through it said we could have it for almost half. They still wouldnt listen so i spoke to who i thought was the manager on the phone....she was not helpful at all and ended up hanging up the phone when she didnt agree! I redialled....Told her how unproffesional this was but she was still very unhelpful and it turns out this wasnt even the manager! So i rang the actual manager and explained that we had been loyal and wanted to stay another night and he understood and gave in. It was a fun arguement and i will be complaining about the rude employee!! I think i must be taking after mum....I'll be fighting with Mickey next.

This aftenoon, Whitey collected the underwear he left on the tour bus, we travlled into Hong Kong and went to the top of one of the tallest buildings in the world, went to Causeway Bay so Michaela could buy a new phone and then to A Spaghetti House for Dinner. Finally we went to The Winterfest in the city to see the huge Christmas Tree and see Santa. On the way ouut Michaela took a leaflet off some wasnt a leaflet it was a donation envelope and when Michaela realised...'Oh crap' she tried to throw it back at the woman unsuccessfully and so had to was hilarious.

Back at Rent-a-Room we decided to use the internet again. I also wanted to say something to Thomas the manager about what had happened ealier but when i saw him he had come into reception in his boxers so i didint think it the time to stop him to complain!

 It was a good last day in Hong Kong!

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Hong Kong
photo by: Sunflower300