Day 19, Operation Day

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This morning was my return visit to Ladysmith and Lynette insisted i visit their family doctor first. Dr De Bruin confirmed that my knuckle has broken off and i will need surgery to insert a plate to fix it....i was NOT looking forward to that.

At the hospital teh Polish consultant took me throught the procedure and told me it would not cost more than 800 cost 1500. So i got into my gown and was taken into theatre, i rememebr trying to stay awake and then absolutely nothing. Next thing apparently im shouting AUDREY and singing as i come out of theatre. Generall Anesthetic = boss. When i came round i was starving seen as i had to fast all morning but Berna would not sneak me a sneeky cheeto when the nurse wasnt looking.

Out of hospital, we went and bought presents for people as thank you, a ice cream scoop and vase for Elena which she loved, and a massive Top Deck for Noel, Nicorettes and Cane for Ashley and Cane for Berna.

That evening we went up to the Lodge to give Pig and berna their presents, we messed about with the bluetooth adn went top the bridge for one last time.

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