Day 15

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This morning we went again to Schitsdrift but got severely messed about. When we pulled up the children were already leaving but stayed when they saw us… The teacher said she had to leave for a very important meeting half an hour away but another teacher would arrive shortly…she quickly backtracked on this when we asked more. Anyway we played some rugby with the children for a good while and messed about but clearly couldn’t control 6 grades of children speaking a different language so as they were about to leave 2 hours earlier anyway we rang the bell for home time.  As we walked away we saw the teacher still round the corner… She was hitching and was angry that we had let the children go!! This is while she is an hour late for this very important meeting half an hour away! We let them go because we cant control so many properly and I know we are there as support and help but we are not there as relief so the teacher can just get off whenever she feels like it…. mainly because we cant cope with the language differences. This really annoyed me.


We walked home up the hill and back at the farm we started getting our equipment ready to go fishing at the dam…. Whitey picked the worms for the garden. We got dropped off…. set up…. and weren’t very good. Well we were useless so after literally 20minutes we packed up, moved round and went for a swim. The water had weird really warm and really cold currents and it was real fun swimming in such a place! We ended up skinny dipping a little bit but far enough away from each other for it to be ok…I see a pattern emerging. However, Andy took his eyes off his pants for a minute and they sunk! Fortunately I kicked them on the bottom but the idea of him wearing Michaela’s dress when Elena picked us up was so funny.


It was very hot today…. 40 degrees and Whitey burned again…this time on his face.


When we got picked up Elena took us on a game drive and we saw everything this one had to offer…namely zebra, rhino and giraffe 5 feet away!


This evening we booked the bus back to Jo’burg and the hostel. We leave on Tuesday.


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