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Again this morning i struggled to get due to the effects of alcohol. However, i knew i needed to do things today and so got on with it. Mikay wanted to split up so she could shop properly so she went off and White and i headed to Soho. It was quite lively and we kept being offered fake i.d's (we clearly look young) but i was just feeling too ill to hang around. We caught the subway to try and find Washington Square Park is but must have got the wrong one as we were walking around Chinatown lost for about 45 mins. We must have stood on the same street corner just not knownig what to do for about 25 minutes. Nobody at all spoke English and we didnt have a map....We picked a direction and walked until somebody helped us and it turned out we were miles away. So we walked for so long and continued to get lost until we eventually found the park and saw the little Arc de Triomphe that is in Friends so much.

We then headed to 5th Avenue again as i wanted to buy some jeans from Abercrombie and Fitch but they werent that good so i left it and went to the Apple store, after visiting Trump Tower again to use the toilets.

Back at the hostel we met Mikay again and after a struggle with our room door which wouldnt open we got ready and went out. We were thinking of going to TGI's for our last dinner but ended up going for Planet Hollywood again as it was so nice last time but first we heade to the Rockefella Centre to go ice skating. I piad for White as he couldnt really afford it and it was so much fun! We did some sort of train thing and i was pushing at the back...Whitey was about to fall but to save himself sacrificed Michaela and head butted her in the spine! She flew into the air and landed on her elbow and back. It was actually like something off a cartoon and i feel bad but it was hilarious! I could not stop laughing for so long and Mikay was ok when she eventually got up. I am glad she decided to stay.

After ice skating we got a yellow cab to Times Square and enjoyed the really nice meal at Planet Hollywood. I had delicious calamari to start and then the same burger as last time for my main.....of course with Pink Lemonade! It was a really good last night.

After we finished we caught a cab back to the hostel where before long the Irish joined us and we set up the drinking and pool. I said  iwasnt drinking as i was fed up of feeling terrible in the mornings and tomorrow is a long day....that didnt happen but i wasnt too bad. Put it this way, it was the first night in 5 that i remember saying goodnight and going upstairs. The night was a great one and we had so much fun with Timmy Kinelli, Julie B, Peter and Keira, and a little bit with the Morrocan and Ryan the Aussie (who got really drunk off one shot if gin). We listened to music, played pool and generally just had a good time. Peter and the others were disgusted by Mikay's Iish accent when she was really quite drunk...'Settle down Michaela!' Julie and Keira also taught me and Mikay how to Irish dance and Mikay  tried to take a picture of herself and Keria with the camera pointing completely the wrong way. It was a great night which unfortunately ended up a bit messy. I walked in on White well having a poo basically because he forgot to lock the toilet door down inthe lounge and then he went back, pretending he just needed a wee but we could all clearly hear him throwng up. A good while later he came out looking terrible with blood all over his face and arms!! We think, judging by the loud noise and amount of blood, that he either fell asleep or just slipped and butted the toilet....Awwwww Mikay was also quite sick. It was a fantastic last night and none of us can believe this is all over! It would have certainly been hard anyway but meeting these fantastic Irish people has made the thought of leaving even worse....

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