Day 103, The One with All the Films, and Not Much Else....

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Well aren't we really making the most of our last few days in New York! Today i did not leave the hostel once. I got up feeling a little wrose for wear again and after showering went downstairs and watched the end of Peacemaker, Swordfish and Blue Streak. They were on one after another....the movies here are really good on t.v.

I then left White and Mikay downstairs and tried to get some sleep upstairs but was quite unsuccessful so went back to the lounge and played some table tennis, and beat some money out of Mikay. NOt much was really going on tonight in the lounge so after Mikay went and got me my second ever subway (a foot long) i decided that it was time for bed at last at a proper time! The others followed shortly after. The problem is, apart from the drunken nights, i have had real trouble sleeping and i did again last night, Think i am concentrating now too much on the fact that i cant get to sleep rather than just relaxing. Anyway, leaving the others in bed i headed dowstairs just to have a couple of drinks to maybe help me sleep.... Unfortunately to Irish and the Moroccan were there again! They were playing pool and so i joined them and ended up finishing my next bottle of Jack and having a couple of beers. I wasnt really bad at all but a little merrier and when i did got to bed i slept easily. The night was another hilarious one.....

'You're keen on horses....that's like an alcoholic saying he's just keeeeen on beer!'

Such good craic with these guys! ha.

When i headed upstairs i told MIkay all about my night at about 3am as she was awake but dont think Andy was impressed! Also told her how muchin love with Julie i am but weirdly enough she just knew my surname....which made me think she's stalking me!

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New York
photo by: herman_munster