Day 102, The One Where we did Absolutely Nothing........

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Today we basically did nothing. We all woke up around 11.58am feeling not too brilliant. Whitey was up earlier and has he was too ill tonight he didnt feel bad and went for a run. When he got back i got up properly and went downstairs where Timmy was watching t.v. The film was G.I Jane and was actually really good so we sat and watched that for a couple of hours before heading out. We again went to 5th Avenue where MIkay went and bought a bracelet from Tiffany's and White and i went on the free INternet in the really cool Apple shop again. We were there for ages and MIkay bought an iTrip.

Afterwards we had planned to go to Soho but given we were so close to the Rockefella we changed out minds and decided to go ice skating instead. However when we got there Whitey told us he didnt have the video camera and so we thought we would leave it until tomorrow. We still didnt go to Soho./... we just went back to the hostel. Although it wasnt a completely uneventuful trip, as we walked to get the subway in the basement i got my first subway ever!!!! It was tuna with some cheese and was actually quite nice!

When we came out the subway we bought some coke and food in Rite Aid and then Whitey went to the liquor store whilse Mikayand i went back to the hostel. He got served again and came back with Jamesons.

We ended up having a lot to drink at getting to bed around 5/6am. We met the French guy again, a Welsh giy called Mike, two Americans (one called mike) from Missouri, Tennessee and a man and a woman from West Virginia who i gave my email address to. It was a good night and mroe fun seen as we had music as we bought batteries for the speaker sfrom a Chinese guy on the train.

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New York
photo by: herman_munster