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Today was a very lazy one in which Andy didnt even leave the hostel once. We all woke up around 12 and slowly got up and ready. I tried to have a bath by blocking the weird plug thing with a towel but it didnt work very well, and MIkay got ready and went to the Empire State Building and Ground Zero. White and i already did those things a few days ago when Mikay was spending time with her aunty so we just went back to bed as we felt VERY rough. When i eventually ventured out of the room i went up to the shop to buy more bread and turkey for lunch, but looking back that probably didnt help my stomach..... Down in the lounge we chatted with Timmy and watched a lot of American comedies like Seinfeld, which made me realise how much Timmy looks like Jerry Seinfeld! Its uncanny. We then played some more table tennis whilst julie helped Timmy write his CV. Later on whilst everybody else was waiting for the free pizza to arrive i decided i wanted McDonalds and after seeing an advertisement for the service, decided to get it delivered! It was quite lazy seen s McDonalds is only at the top of the road and the Irish thought i was joking when i told them but it was worth it. When the pizza arrived we ended up meeting quite a few different people like some really weird German guy and an Aussie who supports Liverpool. It was then time for more dirnking. Whitey didnt really have much because he was still very very ill from last night but MIkay and myself started early and i ended up finishing the 1.75litre Jack bottle. It was a funny night but the Irish weren't too drunk as they were saving themselves for tonight but still the craic was great.... We all had a real laugh. Towards the end of the night a really scary girl came over and asked to join us. She had bright ginger hair and was from finland. It turns out she is a 'dancer,' to be honest a 'working girl' and very scary really. She said she hoped there would be somebody like me here after i leave on Tuesday and frankly i had nothing to say back to her. I was scared. It was about as awkward as when crazy Marica told me 'i fancy you' the other night and I just did not know what to say....what is it with these maniacs?! She got a call and had to hurry off after a while.....Next to sit down with us was a 17 year old lad on a big school trip from Nottingham. We gave him a couple of drinks and chatted about how confusing it was that on the last night of their trip he was the only one up trying to have a few drinks and enjoy himself! Finally towards the end of the night a Morrocan guy came and sat with us apaprently. I say apparently because i have no recollection of this at all! Michaela pointed him out this morning and i simply could not remember him! According to White though he was very rude anyway so... He criticised my accent when i had a 'French Off' with Matthieu the French guy....It was a good night and all ended probably about 4am.
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New York
photo by: herman_munster