Day 100!! The One Where We Took 5th Avenue By Storm....Kind Of.....

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This morning we woke up as a trio again! You may well want to re-read yesterdays blog if you havent checked it since my first shocking update....there were some dramatic revelations!

Anyway, Whitey got up early to go for a run, and woke everybody up by doing very noisey things like pouring his cereal all over the floor. When we all got up Mikay went with Marica and Bobby to do some laundry whilst White and i went to 5th avenue to finally do some shopping. Bobby by the way, the guy from the Bronx, has been thrown out of the hostel for doing cocaine in the living room....he said he didnt see the problem. Quality.

Shopping was great but if anything has made me more frustrated as there is so much i want to buy but cant afford....ipod radio alarm, watch, jeans, trainers, polos,  endless amounts of t shirts, souvenirs, the list is huge! We started in Armani and Zara without buying anything, and quickly bypassed the likes of Chanel and Dior, until eventually we got to Abercrombie and Fitch which got me very excited. There were 5 floors of cool music, very good looking staff and great clothes and even one topless man who i think was modelling but if not then it was a little worrying... In the end after looking around for ages and being quite restrained, i bought a blue hoody and a really nice blue and white stripped shirt, although i may well go back for some jeans after i have checked my balance. Next we went over the road to the very impressive Trump Tower which is massive, incredibly perfect and has a huge indoor waterfall!

We walked further down and ended up looking through the huge World of Disney before visiting FAO Schwartz, a huge toy store where White and I played on the famous $250,000 piano in the floor which Tom Hanks was boss!  We then went below street level to a really cool apple shop. There is one big apple symbol in sort of a green house thing ablove the street and then shop is below! I looked for ages and the radio alarm speaker systems which are really quite cheap and well cheapre than England because i want one for uni but again i must check my balance... We were in there for so long becuse they let you use the internet on the hundreds of Macs the have on show! Michaela met up with us there and we headed out again, past the Rockefellar centre and, after going in a few souvenir stores, we ended up in the biggest Build A Bear store in the world. We spent aaaaaaaages in there building a brand new personalise teddy bear for somebody back home! When we eventually came out we were going to get a cab to Bloomingdales but incredibly there were none free, we saw loads but all were taken so we decided we would go there tomorrow.

We caught the subway back from Grand Central and the others went back to the hostel to start the food but i got off at Times Square to get a few more things....a Bubba Gunp t shirt, some Hershey's Hugs another t shirt and the snow globe for Lauren. Back at the hostel Mikay had bought McDonalds, and White and i ate our spaghetti and meatballs.

After taking a poll on whether to watch The OC or CSI, we ended up watching the new OC and it was good. I dont love the o.c but it has been good watching these last few.

During the show white went up to the shop at the top of the road and got served! So he brought Corona back for us and Smirnoff back for MIkay. We played a lenghty game of'put all your beer on the table tennis table and try to hit the other persons so they have to drink' and it was a lot of fun and then Marica joined us. After a while four irish people came down and we got chatting to them, Timmy, Fozzy, Julie and another girl who looks like Nathalie Portman but i forget her name. After the beers were gone we started on the Jack and Jim Beam....thats where the problems started...Drink Mixing! We chatted for hours all of us and listened to The Lion King Broadway soundtrack on Marica's laptop, whilst getting more and more drunk. Marica went to bed but we didnt. Apparently it was half 3 went we eventually headed upstairs after chatting about Liverpool, the IRA and all sorts of random stuff. The lads are hilarious! We all played ping pong as well at the same time, and even played against a Canadian Jewish guy randomly half way through. Unfortunately it was probably more like 4am when whitey got to bed as we had to leave him downstairs being sick in the toilet! It was a great night...

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New York
photo by: herman_munster