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Nothing really exciting this day.  I was up at 3 am and worked all day.  We did go to a Chinese restaurant because the Peru guys here have told me how good it was. 


We catch a cab down to the Plaza and we walk into a place called China Original.  Somehow I had a hard time believing this name being that I am in the mountains of Peru and I have yet to see a China man.  They did have Pigeon on the menu though and after some very short consideration I knew I did not have the desire to eat what I think to be almost the equivalent of a rat.


The guys who speak Spanish ordered the food so I had no idea what we got, I know it was not pigeon cause I asked, but if I was to guess it was something with chicken, something that was like sweet and sour pork and some fried rice.  It was pretty good and had a different taste to it but I am not sure if it was better than anything I could get in the states.


Daniel has fallen in love with those puffs from day one and we can not walk past the place without stopping now.  I got my typical order of one but this was the best of the three I have had yet.  If I had known that Friday nights was delicious puff night I would have ordered more.


Cajamarca-Day 4

It is Saturday now and that brings another day of work.  It ended up taking all day so we did nothing really exciting.  The only highlight was where we went to dinner.  We went to a place called Las Cena.  The Peruvians were raving about there Pollo so I had to try it.  I would tell you the name of what I got but I have no idea what the entire dish was called.  It came with a ΒΌ chicken (leg and thigh) all dark meat which I prefer, a couple skewers of cow heart and French fries (Papa Fritos) and it was the best dinner I have had here yet.  The chicken was phenomenal, the fries were better than McDonalds and the cows heart was freaking delicious!  I know to some of you that may sound gross but my dad used to cook it all time when I was a kid so it was kind of cool to have it again.

VegasBrittney says:
Everyone knows that Friday is delicious puff night!
Posted on: Apr 10, 2008
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