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The hotel room
After a few days we left Da Lat behind and travelled to Nha Trang. Another 6 hours of enjoying the scenery. :)
I was looking forward to see the ocean... I love the ocean. Its immenseness, its beauty, its hidden mysteries, it's smell of  distance and of far away places. :)

So I was absolutely excited... again. :D We arrived at the hotel and I was happy that the beach was just in front of the place. I had an ocean view room. It's so amazing to live by the beach.  The room was pretty nice by the way. Clean and with air con. Nothing special but all I needed. Who needs TV if u have the ocean outside?

I think most of the time  I just sat there watching the waves. I looked for places with not too many people and kept talking to travellers.
As for example an irish guy who's just been to Cambodia trekking through the jungle. He told me quite a few exciting stories and showed me bruises to proof it lol.

But I also checked out the city. I asked a Xich Lo driver to take me to a good place for seafood where locals go and I ate soooo much. Crabs, shrimps, fish... it was awesome. I really overdid it but I love to eat. lol
There are quite a few shops to check out. But I wasn't shopping since I already bought a lot during my whole trip that's why I can't compare the prices.
Afterwards I asked another driver to ride down the promenade... it was in the middle of the nite... dark, silent... the lights were on. I could hear the waves. *sigh.... it was fantastic.

I also made a boat trip to the islands around there. It was so relaxing and nice to chill out at the beaches, snorkeling and explore not so touristic places.
I was lucky I haven't had even one rainy day in Nha Trang.

When I arrived there holidays just started... It's called Tet Trung Thu. It's some kind of a festival.. moreover for children. The kids carry lampions as soon as it is dark and gather. They make music with drums and sing. Everyones following the dragon/lion dancers... also kids. There are also others in costumes and masks taming the dragons. I followed them through the streets... they wandered for hours and through the whole city. They just danced into restaurants, ppl's places or in front of big places to give their show.
It was an amazing experience.

I was kinda sad when I headed back to Saigon.  Next time I'm gonna explore Hue and from there the places to Hanoi.

When I arrived in Saigon  my auntie  picked me up to  take me home. It was then when my mp3 player was stolen. With my memory card ... with the  beach  photos... someone stole part of my memories :(
I was so frustrated... it was really bad.

So I  can't show any pics now :(
mickeyd302 says:
"Who needs TV if u have the ocean outside?" -- This is another great line.
Posted on: Apr 08, 2008
IceTea says:
Exactly!! I am over it by now! :D and Vietnam will always be on the list. :)
Posted on: Apr 06, 2008
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The hotel room
The hotel room
Nha Trang
photo by: rotorhead85