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travelling in the early morning sun
We woke up before sunrise and left when everyone was still sleeping, in the middle of the night (around 4 to 5 AM).
I tell ya it's dangerous to go by motorbike in Saigon, but it's hella fun. :D I already did it when I was in VN the first time... I was 13.
I am bad, I know. However we went by motorbike.
I love that... to ride through villages, crossing ricefields, seeing beautiful landscapes, with the wind in ur face and freedom in ur heart.

We own a lil piece of land behind Go Cong. It's in the middle of nowhere. Practically in the jungle.
We've got two small cottages, where my family used to live ages ago. Now there's only my grandmas' brother with his youngest daughter left. We got 2 or 3 lambs there, dogs and newly born baby dogs (so cuuuute) and a lil stream with lots of fishes.
Ferrys, boats
Plus trees with exotic fruits all around the place. It's hard to get through the vegetation though. But it's fun to pick down coconuts, cut'em off and drink the fresh juice.... mmmm.... :D
It takes about 3 or 4 hours to get there by motorbike plus ferrys.

It's amazing how near it is to Saigon and at the same time so absolutely different. Kinda primitive as ppl would say. While Saigon is growing nothing seems to change here. We went to a market at a village nearby and bought a few chickens. Sure they been alive.
My grandma told me to bring her a few.  And I was introduced into "How to buy the right chicken". It depends on what u want to cook. The meat of the old ones is stringy which is good for example Chao Ga (Rice soup with chicken) or Goi Ga (a chicken salad) while u will need a younger one for Ga Kho (uhm chicken in sauce) and so on.
The daughter of the woman who repaired our motorbike
They also sell chicken in Saigon for sure but those in the villages are better (at least I was told so :D).

Back at the cottage I watched how they prepared a chicken. Damn that was hard... But I had to see it. I love to cook and maybe I need to do it one day? U never know. It was bloody and ugh...
Everything's cooked over a fire in the *kitchen*. The rice is a bit grey compared to what we know. This is how nature tastes and looks alike.
I slept in a Hammock under the shadow of a palm... this place is an oasis of peace.

Afterwards I went to my grandpas and great grandmas grave. Actually it was somewhere behind the cottages...  its a rarely used path and plants grow very fast bcos of the humidity... everythings more heavily vegetated. They were just in the jungle.
passin through
But I found'em. :D
I paid my respect and said sorry that I was not able to see them one last time...

We headed home before sunset. My aunties didn't want to stay over nite. When I was 13 I did once. That was when my great grandma was still alive. It was an exciting, dark (no lights, sunset at 6), noisy in a jungle way (all those insects and whatever animals) and hella creepy cause we told each other real bad vietnamese ghost stories. All in all a great time. My great grandmother was over a hundred years old.
She couldn't see and hear me properly. She thought over two days that I was a boy, haha. :D

Now everyone wants to leave that place and follow the pace of the city.... I wonder how many years will my oasis of peace still exist?

Advoc8 says:
Great blog. It must have been a moving experience visiting your ancestors for the first time. I had a moving experience when I trekked through Poland to find my ancestry... obviously under slightly different circumstances.

I wonder what the jungle was like? In my mind, I picture it like the terrain up north near Sapa. Is it similar?
Posted on: Oct 19, 2008
mickeyd302 says:
I have always been interested in the life of the average person in villages of "third world" countries. Thank you for giving us a glimpse. Btw, what they told you about chickens was correct...older chickens are better for soups, stews and gravies, while younger chickens are better frying. My family used to raise chickens.
Posted on: Apr 08, 2008
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travelling in the early morning sun
travelling in the early morning sun
Ferrys, boats
Ferrys, boats
The daughter of the woman who repa…
The daughter of the woman who rep…
passin through
passin through
crossing villages
crossing villages
Ppl waiting for the ferry to arrive
Ppl waiting for the ferry to arrive
Another way to live
Another way to live
Go Cong
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