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HCMC airport
After so much trouble I finally arrived in Saigon. I was the last to get out of the airport because they were checking my passeporte again. But Vietnam is easy and I wasn't worried. I just needed to be patient and pretend that nothing's wrong. :D So finally I made it all! There was a winner's grin on my face. I walked out the airport, I knew my whole family would stand there, awaiting me with open arms. I haven't seen them for 7 years!! So I had that Cheshire cat smile on my face when I stepped out to run into their arms, to let myself get hugged and squeezed, to say hi to everyone...  and.......... no one was there! lol
"Hmm, maybe they're late" I thought, "But I am already late.". I decided to just stand still and wait. Taxi drivers tried to get me in their cars.
After 15 minutes... "Maybe the traffic?".  After another 15 minutes... "Maybe something bad happened?".  And another 15 minutes... "Maybe they... forgot me????" lol.
That was not fun no more. I was really smart I didnt take a phone number with me. But I could still remember the address. I was really sad that no one welcomed me but I didn't plan to wait until my holidays were over. So I exchanged a bit money and asked a tax driver to take me home.
I had no idea how much it should be. So i didn't really bargain. I didn't look that up as I would elsewhere. I have family there, I speak the language... why would I need to do that, why would I need a guide?

So I headed to the 4th district of  Ho Chi Minh City,  our little Saigon.  Yes I've already been here two times.  9 years ago and 7 years ago. And I recognized a lot. Same feelings in my heart, the love that I share with this country, the sadness whenever I see poverty, the luck that I feel whenever I can explore new things, the ability to really njoy the beautiful and pure sites but never close my eyes over the despair and hunger of a poor country. I'm in love with Saigon.

But I have to say Saigon changed extremely lot since my last visit. Poverty is less and it's easier to live. There were hundreds of new buildings. It is growing and a lot of things will disappear quietly while life standards are much higher. I could also see that at my families places.

I noticed everything. And I felt pure happiness. Hello country of my ancestrals.

However, I made it home, I paid the taxi driver, took my bags, went to the house and said... "Hi!" lol.
My grandma was shocked!! and started to cry, which made me cry also lol. "Why are u coming alone?" she asked. And I told her that nobody came to pick me up! "I was so disappointed!".
"But they are out there for hours already", she said!

In the end I found out that there was a new building at the airport for arrivals.  But somehow my plane arrived at the other old side.
So they returned after we called them up letting them know that I was home already and finally I was welcomed at home. :D

luashuyi says:
yerp, must hv been such a heartwarming day! i'm heading to saigon soon! :)
Posted on: Aug 29, 2008
Marius1981 says:
wow, its really impressive. home after so many years! i bet there were a lot of tears :)
Posted on: Apr 14, 2008
mickeyd302 says:
I know that feeling of returning "home" after a long time away and seeing and perhaps feeling the difference of the place you left so many years ago and the place you are currently observing. To me, it always seemed like the minute differences were magnified ten-fold.
Posted on: Apr 08, 2008
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HCMC airport
HCMC airport