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I am special. Why? Because I am an alien. Let me help u to understand... I've got that special german passeporte for foreigners. I was born here, lived in Germany all my life but I am a foreigner. :D Which means that I do not have a german citizenship. It's a bad thing I tell ya, to love to travel and having that kind of a passeporte. Everyone who knows the trouble of being an alien applying for visas knows what I'm talking about. For example... It's impossible for me to enter China, because they do not except my passeporte. They told me when I drove to the china embassy 2-3 hours away from my place in person. lol It was good to know and then head back home. They actually screwed my whole trip.

However I love it and I hate it. I love it because I have stories to tell. :) So what makes my passeporte even more special is the little note:
Valid for all countries! Except for: Vietnam

lol. That's a bad thing. Embassys consider me as stateless while the german authorities consider me as vietnamese.
That note has always been in my passeporte. Since I was born.
I been to Vietnam 3 times already!

Haha, well I was born as a free soul. I'm a rebel I admit it. But hey that's where I come from. That's where a part of my family still lives. I would never accept it as it is. If I want to see my grandma I should be able to. Does anyone disagree?
However the first two times were easy. I flew from Germany to e.g. Bangkok or Singapur and changed the plane to Vietnam. But since the security was sharpened in the last few years I knew that it would not b that easy no more. So I booked a flight from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Taipeh/Taiwan with a stop in BKK,Thailand. I applied for a Taiwan visa. It was in my passeporte. Everything was fine. :)
I booked another flight from Taipeh,Taiwan to Saigon,Vietnam. I applied for a visa (I tell ya it's easy to get a vietnam visa even with that note). This one was on a single piece of paper and not in the passeporte. It was the work of a genius. lol

So I took a train to Amsterdam. It was a great beginning... I managed to miss the train although I was there pretty early. The train was late and I was speaking to somebody on the phone and missed the announcement that my train will arrive at another track. I was going to be late.
So I called the airline check in and asked them to wait for me :D Because I am so special haha. I took a taxi from Utrecht,Netherlands and asked the taxi driver to hurry up.  And oh my god I so needed to pee I tell ya, it was a disaster!

I was the last passenger for the flight. I checked in and they've already been suspicious. But I got through there. My heart went nuts but I tried to stay calm. Then... the real pass control. "Hello.", I said. He took my passeporte and then looked at the luggage note. AAAAH. lol
"Where are you going", he asked. It was senseless to lie. "Uhm, Ho Chi Minh City.". "And where is Ho Chi Minh City?".  "...  In Vietnam I suppose..." lol and that was the end of it. A world fell down on me.  I knew... dammit Thy it's over.  He asked another guy to accompany me into a very, very small room (He looked quite good and friendly  though haha) . Which made me feel like a criminal. Lol I probably was one. I had to wait. Hundreds of thoughts inside my head.
"I've been working so hard for this. I spent so much for this. Mom's gonna kill me. I was excited for months now. I so wanted to go. Grandma will be so sad. Everyone will be so sad. Everyone was so excited. Oh my god ur a criminal. U will never get ur german citizenship now. You screwed it Thy." Lol. Yes it was hard. After that I was interrogated. Everyone pls note: It was 20 minutes before my plane's departure.

Q: Why did u do that?
A: Uhm I wanted to fly to Vietnam
Q: What did u intend to do in Vietnam?
A: See my family?
Q: Is that why u booked a flight from here?
A: Yes exactly! (F*ck u I'm a criminal, lol)
Q:"I'll have to inform the german authorities. I will take ur passeporte and ur flight tickets." ( That was actually not a question :D)
A:... okay.

And he left the room with my stuff. That was the end. I was hopeless. I was already wondering what to do afterwards? Stay in Amsterdam for the next four weeks, drinking beer and tellin' others about my pain? :D  So I kept waiting wonderin what will happen next... "They'll lock me up.". All the thoughts together and I started to cry. lol. I know that's uncool. I really do not like to admit it. It was not a baby crying... It was just a few tears that I tried to hide.
And then the man came back, handed out my passeporte and my flight tickets. Okay, I thought. He'll let me go home. I won't be locked up. At least that... "Thanks.", I said trying to avoid him seeing my tears. I went out... and he said: "Have a nice flight."
I was numb. Shocked. "Thank you.", I murmured again and I ran, I tell ya.  And then yea I started to cry like a baby haha. Because I was so happy. I couldn't believe how lucky I was! When I checked my handpackage everyone was starin at me asking if I was okay. lol
Everyone was already seated on the plane. I had all the 3 seats at the window for my own. The chinese stewardess brought me a tissue and asked if I missed my family or my boyfriend? And I just  nodded.  Her english was not that good. Then she kept saying to me "I love you, I love you...".  lol that made me laugh!

And just few minutes later i was breaking through the clouds on my way to Saigon.
jennethm says:
Hi, I stumbled into this while looking for a hostel in HCMC. Great story :)
Posted on: Jul 11, 2009
Advoc8 says:
Great story :o) Moments like these make the trips the most memorable.

I know that feeling. I shared a moment like that... lol.
Posted on: Oct 19, 2008
DefDulce says:
You are very lucky..u are like 007
Posted on: Jun 25, 2008
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