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So for the last two days I have caught the disgusting virus going around the villa.  It just makes me feel gross and my stomach hurts occasionally.  Luckily, I didnt get it as bad as half of the other people in the villa. Even my voice teacher Kevin got sick, so yesterday all of my classes were very easygoing.  Today was completely the opposite.  We went on a movement journey from the water to a forest and into a desert.  It was a twenty minute journey, which we then cut in half.  After doing it a couple more times we performed as a story with text for a little group of people.  It was really interesting because once we had to speak I started sounding like I was four years old.  It was fun though and the most interesting part was the end of the journey we were supposed to let our bodies surrender in a desert.  I fought the urge to surrender for a very long time and then finally gave in to the deathly surrender and it felt amazing.  The release was wonderful. After class my movement teacher Bryan came up to me and thanked me for really pushing myself.  This was a total surprise because I started the class completely unfocused, but all the movement we did really grounded me.  After movement we went into voice class and started moving on three planes of the body and making sounds.  At one point our voice teacher Kevin asked me to make sounds at the very low part of my voice and the weird noises I made are pretty indescribable.  the only thing that I think comes close is like an old man wheezing, but that doesnt even come close.  I kept laughing the whole time because I really couldnt believe the sounds that were coming out of my mouth.  Afterwords we played with the idea of fire moving us while doing a monologue from The Tempest.  It was physically intense beyond belief.  We were playing Caliban, and had to say we loved Prospero while moving in weird contortions, which almost made me want to cry.  Finally, after this intense period of time we did some chorale singng and I got to go to lunch.  Today i felt like I did a lot of good work, which is why I am here.  It made me feel much better in general.  This weekend I am excited because we are having a special workshop on viewpoints, which are something I have always wanted to learn, but never really gotten a chance at.  This woman Diana is a specialist and i am very excited.
Maureenie says:
Man, that must feel so good to be working like that and getting so much out of the things you're doing! Viewpoints is strange. We did viewpoints in Our Town, and we were just really weirded out about it the whole time and weren't always sure about how Brian thought it was supposed to help the show... let me know what you think about it and what the workshop is like.
Posted on: Sep 26, 2006
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