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Being sick away from home sucks! I mean when I am at school I get sick, but its different because I live where my classes are.  Seriously! So, if you are sick you just sit in your room and feel like crap.  Yesterday, I thought that I was all better, so I pushed myself too far.  We had this amazing movement and voice class where I really got to stretch. Then after lunch I had an immensely hard Italian class, but I still felt good. And then at 5:30 after going to the market I made two huge mistakes; acrobatics and cheap wine.  My movement teacher was teaching an informal seminar on doing different acrobatics moves.  I was having such a great time while doing the seminar because we were doing kips, cartwheels, and all these cool break dancing movees.  It was not until afterward that I noticed my left arm felt like it was about to fall off.  Then if that wasnt enough at dinner I decided to open up a bottle of 1 euro wine.  First of all, it was fizzy.  That should have been my first clue it was crap.  But I drank it anyway and went out with my friends to the nearby bar after dinner.  I was exhausted at the bar and just wanted to go home while my friend KK flirted with this Romanian guy.  I got into my cranky mode and wanted to kill everyone.  Then I went home and realized I had ate and drank too much and that I could hardly feel my left arm.  The worst was that my indigestion kept me from falling asleep and I realized that the villa virus had not left my system.  At three AM I threw up and could not fall asleep until about 6 AM.  When I woke up this morning to go to movement I thought I was going to die because we were supposed to do acrobatics again.  Before the class even started I left because I knew that I would not make it through the class. I slept through movement and voice and now I am about to attempt Italian.  

Just finished Italian and still feel like crap... sigh, hopefully I will start to feel better soon.  The other scary thing is the amount of mosquito bites on my body.  Oh, and the fact that it hurts to type.  If I were at home I would curl up in front of the TV and watch junk, but as I am here I am going to take two tylenol to quell my fever and collapse on my bed.  I hope I feel better by this weekend because me and my friend Elizabeth are either going to go to Milan or Florence after class on Saturday.  It would suck not to be able to go because I am sick.  And it also sucks because when I am in the villa for long periods of time I get cabin fever.  I mean we eat, sleep, and go to school here. Not that I dont like it usually I just feel stuck.

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photo by: farfalla84