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This week has been pretty movement intensive and I have been really doing things out of my element.  We started out the week in movement with a four hour session in which we warmed up and started doing different beats.  Afterward we started doing this Macbeth movement excercise.  The way it works is that you perform a scene that is not actually in the play.  It is the scene where Lady Macbeth puts the dagger in Duncans hands and smeers blood on the guards. After performing the action we had to get offstage and wash the blood off of our hands.  It was all about repressing movement and I worked a long time on containing what I wanted to do.  The feelings from the actions were very dark and it was neat to go to those places where you would actually commit something horrible.  The whole time I felt like a lioness stalking my pray and going in for the kill.  In voice we have been working on text from The Tempest; a bunch of Calibans monologues.  We are just playing around with how to work with them vocally and yesterday we played around with accents.  Kevin Crawford, our teacher, had me do a retarded valley girl accent with a lisp and it made the monologue beyond enjoyable.  However, today he had us incorporate songs into the monologue and I failed, but I failed with style so I still have hope.  In movement today we started doing acrobatics like forward rolls, cartwheels, and handstands.  I am really good at cartwheels and got to show off a little when we were working on the cartwheels.  Yet just as I was doing good we started doing handstands.  Let me say that I can do a handstand, but that I tend to misjudge my balance, so on my first attempt at a handstand I fell flat on my back.  I got right back up and keep going, but the two people spotting me in my group kept giving me instructions and making me feel insecure about what I was doing.  It was really annoying.  I went to the teacher finally because I was so frustrated and constantly being critiscized and he said that I was doing fine.  So with a little more confidence I tried a handstand on the wall. I nailed it for like a minute and was so proud until i had to come down. I fell again.  This time I fell on my thighs so needless to say as I write this I am incredibly sore!  My other classes on Commedia this week have just included watching Charlie Chaplin movies and delighting in his Commedia style.  Oh, and I started my voice lessons on Monday.  It was really strange to start singing opera with an Italian teacher because I havent sung any opera since I was about 15.  I sang Caro Mio Bien for her and she said that I had a big voice and that I was a first soprano, which was quite a surprise to me.  She kept telling me to sing through my teeth, which was so hard for me.  I am excited for working with her and I am glad that she realizes that I usually sing musical theater or jazz.  Thats all for now.  off to Italian where I learn about Italian drinks like Bellinis.
Maureenie says:
Damn, I can't do a cartwheel. You better show me how next month! :)
Posted on: Sep 20, 2006
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