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Today I was exhausted and was not ready for movement at all, but I made it through the 45 minute warm up.  Then we began to do moving isolations of our feet, hands, pelvis, shoulders, head and so on.  It was really intense and took a lot of energy.  However, the good part of it was that our teacher Brian started explaining how when you have an action onstage it should not just be free flow, but originate in your body from something.  The class really helped me to open up my imagination when thinking of why something would be pulling my elbows in a direction.  At one point when we were working with our hands as fists I just started thinking about when I used to work at jamba juice scooping ice cream.  It made the movement so much more clear and precise in my head.  In voice class we did things relating to the isolations by working in partners.  We chose a point of contact like a finger or hand and then had to stay connected as we moved around the room exploring different levels and sounds.  Me and Alissa were very loving toward each other as we did this, but at the same time we were free to act like little babies when we were in front of the class.  At the end of class we began to sing an African chant and Kevin used our voices to affect people.  Like I sang this African chant and KK would contort her body based off of my sounds.  it made me a lot less self consious because I had to let go of my precautions when it comes to my voice.  It sounded fine and I was able to stretch myself in the process. I just came from lunch where we had American BBQ and french fries.  Weirdly all anyone has been talking about for the last two days is the food that we miss. Popular favorites are waffles, taco bell, frosties, and anything relating to In N Out, but I have to say I still am loving the Italian food.  Although, the BBQ was like comfort food and it made me feel really relaxed.  Random thing about Italy that I have to put out there is that coke is a thousand times better and ketchup tastes like cinnamon.  Now I am off to Italian and then off to Philosophy class.  I think I need a walk later because sitting for about four hours leads to me falling asleep in classes.
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photo by: farfalla84