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This morning at 9 AM I had my first movement class with our teacher Brian Burrows. He is an Ewan McGregor, Irish look alike, who hails from Trinity College. We started out with him teaching us his forty five minute warm up. It was exhausting in the morning, but as soon as we were done I felt incredibly loose. He has this whole theory about moving from an idea of something rather than just moving through space. For example, if you are reaching toward the ground what can you imagine that would be pushing or pulling you that way. It was really interesting and I think that it really helped to connect what my body was doing to my mind. It also gave me more freedom to use my imagination. After we warmed up he talked about how he was getting away from the whole Stanislavski ideal and pushing us to make emotions in a different more physical way. It was all really interesting. For the second half of the class he had us use different parts of the body to resist or be pulled toward the walls, ceiling, roof, sounds, and colors. My body made all sorts of weird contortions and I really felt like it helped me to explore the space. After movement I had voice class, which was especially exhausting after a grueling two hour movement class. We spent the entire time singing different variations of ze, ah, and oh. I find it strange that Kevin, our teacher always focuses on the lower part of my voice, but whatever. Then at the end of class we had a very primal moment when me started singing this song "Spirit of the World" We danced around in circles and then Kevin had me and Ryan harmonize improvisationally. I was a little freaked out because I am not the best harmonizer, but I tried my best on the spur of the moment. I really had to listen to make sure I wasn't singing the melody. It pushed me in a way I am not used to and am glad for the growthful oppurtunity.
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photo by: farfalla84