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Wat Arun, Temple of the Dawn
Wat Arun, Temple of the Dawn
 On Monday, we decided to get up early and visit the Wat Arun and Chinatown. We took the boat taxi to Wat Arun but it was just too hot. I bought a cotton top for $5 and went to the bathroom to change. We also bought a "painting" that is on buffalo skin. It's a scene of elephants in the jungle and is cut out of the buffalo skin much like an HJ laser cut endsheet! This picture cost us $10 US and was handmade. So maybe we should send our endsheets over here.

After a very brief visit to Wat Arun, we took the boat taxi up the river to try to find a bar that we had visited on Saturday. Unfortunately, we got a little lost and ended up way up the river. It didn't make any difference because we were cool.
Yes, these girls are real men!
The boats have flags on them so that you know which boat to take, but some boats have several flags and so it's easy to get confused. But for 40 cents, it was worth it just to cool off on the river.

We finally caught a down stream boat, found our bar and shared a Singha beer. We ordered a few snacks and decided to skip Chinatown. It was just too hot, and besides, we have a great Chinatown right in SF and I'm sure that the junk in our stores is probably the same stuff over here.

Later, we decided to go shopping. We walked the neighborhood near our hotel for about 2 hours but we both got physically sick from the noise and the fumes and the traffic...

What's Up with Chuck?
So, those of you how know Chuck will be surprised to hear that he actually wanted to go shopping, to take Thai cooking classes and to go to a spa! Okay, so maybe he was just being nice because it was our anniversary and because he's tired of hearing me whine about never shopping when we travel.
Chuck's first (and hopefully last) transvestite kiss.
But the strangest thing happened today...Chuck wanted to shop and I didn't. I realized that once again I am a discredit to my gender. I HATE shopping! And I passed on the cooking classes, too. I figured a good Thai cookbook and a decent international market back home would do just fine. Besides, what are Thai restaurants for, anyway? I'll just have to find a few good ones in "The Dub" when we return. We are still searching for that spa, though. But I just can't imaging paying for a steam bath and a sauna when we can get one for free by just walking around the city.

Those beautiful Ladyboys!
Yes, they're boys...well, they're transvites, I think. The Thais call them Ladyboys.
After reading many reviews in Fodor's Travel Talk about this amazing show, I booked ahead and bought two tickets for about $18 USD each. On Monday night we took the sky train to the Asia Hotel to see the Calypso Caberet. It was so hard to believe that these are actually men. The costumes, music, dancing were all worth every penny of the $18 admission fee (which included a drink). Unfortunately for Chuck, he was part of the show! We had front row seats.

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Wat Arun, Temple of the Dawn
Wat Arun, Temple of the Dawn
Yes, these girls are real men!
Yes, these girls are real men!
Chucks first (and hopefully last)…
Chuck's first (and hopefully last…
photo by: Deats