"Waiting for the WAR!"

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It's Ramadan and we are fasting. At 4:30 pm we eat. When the sun is no longer visible on the horizon. We start with dates, proceed with water, soup from lenses, lambmeat and rice wrapped in leaves. We top it off with a ciggarette and a cup of coffea.

There is a comedy on TV. Two married men are out looking for action in an arabic nightclub. Their wives are following them but, completely covered, except their eyes and nose. So their husband dont recognize them. The wives see how their men act when on their own and are not happy, they ask two young girls to flirt them up and get a date with them. Instead of young girls two angry wives show up, but covered. So the men really make a fool of themselves when dancing with what they think is young girls. It's extremely funny.

After dinner we visit two friends of Samer, Omar and Ali. They didn't meet for three years but Omar found Samers number and gave him a ring.

Omar is big, fat and funny. Great charisma.

He sit's with a sword in his sofa.

"I bought this for the war."

"Im waiting for the WAR!"

He says with a BIG smile.

Life is simple. You work hard for yourself and for your family. Sit with your friends, family and laugh, enjoy. For the problems you can do anything about you trust in Allah.

The children learn from early age to help, to serve. After Omar ask me if I want more pepsi he shouts for his younger brother. I think of how cheeky the kids are in the west, in my family, how I was.

They learn to help, that we help eachother. Samers father provided for him when he went to school, but he couldn't support for him to finish his education so samer went to Sweden. Now Samer will support for his brother Muhammed to finish his education. 

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photo by: benwielenga