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I make mistake and write down the number to my Couchsurfing host with one digit wrong in my notepad. I correct it the next day though so its all good.

I met this homeless guy, his name is Charlie and he is on methadone now and he tells me they have an apartment for him. He is sleeping on High street in Southampton (the main street) outside a church, where there is some shelter for the rain. This is a safe place he says, there is one camera over there and another one over there, he points. The people dont like me sleeping here but this is my spot, I've been sleeping here for years. They dont particarly like me sleeping here but they are not real christians if you ask me, if they were they would take me in and let me sleep in their house and give me something to eat, you know. Like jesus would you know.

During the time I sit down with him many people come up to him, being friendly or passing by shoutin "howya doin charlie, yea good? ok, Take care mate.."

One guy in his twenties comes by and is just being friendly, he says he dont have money do give. Charlie responds "Well, good manners dont cost you nothing"  =) and adds a, "thats a good lad", after he is gone.

One man goes and buy him subway sandwich and large coke and leaves him with five quid. I know what it's like to leave on the streets.

I try to sleep in the park, but there is a storm coming and when it starts raining I go down and sleep next to Charlie. In the morning when my eyes still sleepy a man walks by looks at me with sad eyes and put down his plastic bag next to me. :D Thank you, I say. There are two packs crackers in the bag. :-) I give them to Cari-su.

lasersurge says:
I´ve met homeless folks and spent plenty of time on the streets this trip, it´s great to meet so many incredible people that often get overlooked in society. There are so many good people in the world.
Posted on: Sep 26, 2006
Amanda says:
What a life experience, I loved reading this, thank you so much for taking the time to write it out!
Posted on: Sep 17, 2006
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