Quack, quack.

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I go outside the door of Mina's place walk down the road and make hitchhike, I go all around Ankara until im finally go towards my direction.

I get picked up by a very nice car. They saw me trying to make hitchhike and turned around to pick me up. The man owns a Hotel in Ankar he tells me, he is from the east of Turkey. "Is there anything I can do for you, Is there anything you need?.. If you need anything, just call me ok, here is my card." Next I get picked up by an Ambulance :-) and we go to Kastamonu. There I get picked up by two guys in a car, they are not going to Inebolu they say intially but somehow they change their minds and we end up on the beach togheter.

I sleep on the beach, and I wake up early in the morning and watch the birds wake up, and the sun rise up, and the fishermen wake up. I love mornings.

I lye in my sleeping bag when a huuuge toad falls down from the stonewall behind me. Quack, quack.

The next day I enjoy my tranqualizing hangover. 

I walk and try make the HH and sing and dont really care about nothing than the moment when I look over to my right side and there is a whole family leaning over the balcony. "SAAAAALAAAAM AAALEEEEEEIKUUUM", I say. "AAAAAAAAALEEEEEEEEEEIIKUUUUM SAAAAAAALAAAAAAAAAAM", they answer in chorus and come rushing out. They invite me for chai and they are a really beautiful family, must be about five girls and the mother looks so sweet (with her hijab) and cleanhearted. I have chai and breakfast and I entertain the children with juggling. The father was a seaman for a long time so he speaks fairly good english.

We go to do the beach and I make the swim I've been longing for since Ankara. I dont have any pants for swimming and I dont really care for it. I just go in with my boxershorts if I want to swim, I save space in my bag this way. But the father lends me a pair of shorts and after swimming he tells me they are mine and I should they take with me (just saying this to make a note on mentality of people in this country).

After this when im hitching to get out of  Abana. I get picked up by a man, says "Do you like beer?" and drives me back again to the beach :) and to a bar there where his son and daughter is. ""My father always want to make sure everybody is having a good time" his daughter says.

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