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I make the hitchhike from outside bristol with a horny couple, they stop the car just to make out. :) I get to the outskirts of Exeter without problem, after that it takes a few rides. Im standing at a shitty place on a drive-on to the highway when a lady with a dog comes walking up to me. She and her mates saw me making hitchhike so they stopped their van up the road. I ride with them in a really cool but slow van, they offer me some weed but I decline today. The driver tells me he walked around the coastline of the British islands ones just stopping here and there for work.. it took him a few years he say. Next im picked up by a truck with a Welsh driver I can hardly understand what he says. I really cant understand what he says. but when the topic of london comes up he says something like that cockshittfuckassdumpofshaiiitgarbageplaceofshaiiit aint worth shaait i wouldnt give my *unhearable* for that place of shaaiiit, mate!

In Boscastle there is a petrolstation, behind the counter is a sign stating; "Stress is all in the mind."

My best friend in the life Kristians has a father who lives here with his new wife. Kristian makes a holiday here in the summer and this time I join him. Bob and Carol is the couples name. Half the village is methodist church people and them you rarely see, the other half is smiling alcoholics. Like Bob and Carol.

There are three pubs in Boscastle and thats pretty many considering its not a big village. The Cobweb Inn (named after the cobweb in the roof, at its height you couldnt see the rof, but health inspection complained), Napoleons (in short The nap`) and The Wellington Hotel (this one i never visited).

At the Nap there is a sign saying Jacks corner, this is the spot where Kristians grandfather Jack used to sit and drink. Bob thinks it´s great to have him there: "it´s much better then the graveyard, and whenever you are in for a drink you can give him a toast."

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photo by: tridantri