Allah has everything sorted out for us like that, youknowwhaaimsayyin?

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Have you been a bad boy?

There are bad boys and good boys people, robbin, stealin, lying, those are bad deeds and make up for bad boys. There are good things and bad things people.  

Have you been a bad boy?

He is talking to me.

Doing bad things? You ever lied? Ooh, you've been a bad boy I can see it in your eyes, mate!

But wont he forgive us, I ask?

Yeah, he'll forgive yaa IF you stop doing wrong and REEDEM yourself. Ask for his forgiveness, he'll forgive you.

But if you dont, he wont. As simple as that. Thats fair, innit?

If you stop and ask for the forgiveness he'll forgive you but if you dont, he wont!

And thats where jesus come's into the picture....

We get a ride to the new mosqee, and the man tell us that he used to be a football player and a model but whe he found Islam he found PEACE and he point at his chest.

Why Cat Stevens go Islam? Why Muhammad Ali go Islam? They have everything most humans want, money, fame, women, cars, house, everything. Still they feel something is missing, why?

Because when your are are with Allah you have PEACE, you see. Islam means PEACE you see, never alone, never afraid, PEACE!

I think there is a hostel there, (new driver this time) he has stopped the car and he points in a direction.

Is it over there or over there, I ask and point?

Well I think there is one just there (thick london accent), he points again, but then again there are hostels all over this neighbourhood and aint nothing to worry about Allah has all of these things worked out for us youknowwhatimsayyin. Allah is with us and he aiint never gonna leave us youknowwhatimsaayin.

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photo by: ulysses