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After visiting Cocoa Beach I went to St. Augustine where I stayed in a B&B.

From there I run back to Daytona to take a tour with Dusty in her Ghost Haunting tour.
The people of Cocoa, Daytona and St. Augustine were teaching me a lot. I got such as quality of information that I can write a book with that.

I learn how important is to have passion for what we do. I learn about respect and although that I-95 is the only part flat and bored in the State of Florida.

I was getting a little be overwhelming with all the new ways of seeing and understand things.

So I keep driving to Kelleys Island and my next stop was Jacksonville, Florida. Men, here I met two girls, I will say: one 24 and the other one 27.

One start doing a research for a book about the subject: “ If you are destroying the world”. After a press conference on UN she got her answer. The other one’s, works in a nonprofit organization to prevent or be ready if another climate disaster hit us or any body else in this World.

After spending almost 36 hours with them my mind shot down. Those 2 girls they are not activist, they are not complaining, they are not against this or that. They are taken action doing something everyday. The power of thinking and their passion about life change a lot inside of me. I don’t understand it yet, but something happened.

I diced to comp in a State Park for two nights. Today, Tuesday, May 5, 2008 I feel so much better and ready to continue with my journey north. Tomorrow I am going to be in Charleston South Carolina, but first I am going to make a small stop in Savanna, GA.

I am going to keep posting pictures and some of my experience through this trip. Know I understand better way I am so attractive to Kelleys Island Ohio.


In Jacksonville I was a “green guy” for more then 24 hours, I met an illegal family from Sough America.

I met a lot of the greatest mind of United State. I always say the same thing: that is not an accident that this country has the most brilliant entrepreneurs in the world.

Alfredo de la Fuente
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Saturday, May 3, 2008 Resume of my trip Start on April 29 Total Days into: 5th day. see my pictures Places: Fort Pierce Cocoa Beach Daytona St. Augustine Jacksonville People: Cathy: I never met her Jude: Charles Sean O’Hare ...........Wayne Coombs Pat O’Hare Jason Tammy Jennifer Molly Dusty Bonnie Attended of a booth selling trolley tours in St. Augustine Owner of a boutique store Owner of vinyl store Jennifer Molly Fred Dylan Bike enthusiast. My world is now ten time more open then when I start this trip, thanks of all those special people that I met through my trip. PHRASE Feel the wind and listen to yourself By Charles Make the life of other better By Sean O’Hare Listen to your heart and find your own timing. By Wayne Coombs Define your own style and build from there. By Pat O’Hare It change our point of view By NASA. Hotels: Vacation Homes B&B Couch: get invited to sleep in some one home. Hotel Activities: Drive: enjoying my time, no rushing Met new friend: Listen to stories Surf Lesson Wayne's Galleria with him as my guide tour. A manager of a co op market food, show me his establishment and explained to me the philosophy of the business Listen to: Jude and Charles about how the city of Cocoa Beach, Space Program, (NASA), and surf got started. Learn how to surf by Sean O’Hare, (I didn’t learn, I am terrible) Learn from Pat O’Hare how the surf got started from California to Cocoa Beach Get a general view of the past, present and future of the surf through Surf Hall of the Fame. Learn how a Tammy and Jason are making a different helping people in Nicaragua. Ride in a Jeep with out doors through a reserved park to take picture of birds and alligators. Ride through the cost of Indiana River in Cocoa Beach Guide tour: Ghost haunting. Walk through the downtown of St. Augustine. Walk through the river area of Jacksonville