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A sample of the billboards everywhere around Cuba.

The bus trip from Vinales to Habana was a little longer than the trip there.  Partly because our driver kept stopping to grab his groceries on the way (a pineapple from this casa, some meat from another) and partly because we stopped at a Biosphere national park.  Although, the driver did tell everyone this was a 45 minute break and it was great to get out and look around...he unfortunately said this in spanish.  We assumed it was another one of his grocery stops or a toilet stop and sat on the bus for the 45 mins.  Ah well, there are about 8 biospheres in the world,  will just have to catch another one I guess.

A horseride through the back streets of Habana.

When we arrived in Habana, we caught a taxi to Playa del Este which is on the beach about 20 kms from Habana.  It is a beautiful beach filled with many locals.  The first job was to find a hotel.  We tried to pre-book this in Vinales but the phone didnt work and our landlady assured us that you just rock up at hotels and they always have a room.  Hmmmmm.  We went to one of the lonely planet recommendations as a good midrange.  Ok, think of the set of the tv series ¨Prisoner¨and this is what the room looked like.  Luckily we asked to look at the room before taking it.  We were both speachless.  I´ve seen many a hotel room but none quite as nasty as this one.  We ran from this hotel to the big shiny one across the street.  It was Club Atlantico.

Dim and me on the highest roof top in Habana. Awesome views.
  Twice the price of the other which we kinda gasped at until it was explained that the price included all meals and alcoholic beverages, not to mention the free salsa lessons (which we passed on) and a free shuttle to/from Habana every day.  Perfecto!

Not wanting to spend two days slothing it up on the beach, we headed into Habana again.  I was a bit sick the first time we were there and maxed out on drugs so it was a bit of a blur really.  The second time round though we did the tourist walk and realised how much we´d missed.  Luckily we crammed it all in this time.  Our tour started at the Plaza Viajes where we had a dietica kukola (Cuba´s version of diet coke, think plain label at Coles and it´s not quite as nice as that)  then we went to the Museo of Chocolat and sampled some of the finest chocolates I´ve ever had.

Cuba´s carny folk.
  Then off to Habana 1791 which is a perfumery...a few small purchases and then it was time for refreshments.  We went to the Hotel Ombus Mundos which is on the main strip of Obispo Road.  This is where Hemmingway spent a lot of his time when writing in the 1930´s.  The ambious here was amazing!  Really like jumping back in the 1930´s.

Back to the hotel we went ready for our day of lazing on the beach.  Alas, my stomach had other plans as a touch of food poisoning kicked in.  Needless to say, we were lucky we got the nicer hotel with cable tv (first time we had TV all trip, too!) and not the nasty prison cell.  I didn´t hit the beach but rather soaked up the US´s finest in trashy tv.  We´re talking shows like I Know My Kids´A Superstar.  Terrible viewing that should only be endured when nauseus anyway. 

That brings us to here.  Mexico City airport again.  On our way home.  From Habana aeropeurto to Melbourne airport, it is a 33 hour trip.  Ick!!  We got up at 3am and my tummy still wanted to lie in bed and watch trashy tv.  But home it is. 

Catch up soon!!!

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A sample of the billboards everywh…
A sample of the billboards everyw…
A horseride through the back stree…
A horseride through the back stre…
Dim and me on the highest roof top…
Dim and me on the highest roof to…
Cuba´s carny folk.
Cuba´s carny folk.
Self explantory, I think :-)
Self explantory, I think :-)
The Hotel Ombus Mundos, where Hemm…
The Hotel Ombus Mundos, where Hem…
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