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The main strip of Playa Del Carmen.

I love Mexico!!!  That was always going to be a given though, with Corona´s at less than $2, Kahlua & cokes for $3 and food to die for.  Everything is really fresh and I´ve been trying to stay with Dim and go vegetarian everywhere and not struggling at all.  There is a real party atmosphere here in Playa Del Carmen - even though schoolies finished last week....phew! 

We came down here by taxi but they are really expensive...USD65 for a 45 min trip.  We will return by bus for around USD5.  When we arrived we were stoked with the accommodation....right on the beach.  We have this grungy little hut with a loft.

Our beach...well, ours for the moment....
  One bed up the ladder and one on the ground level.  We opted for the private bathroom and yay!!!!! we have hot water, too.  Our little verandah area looks out onto a nice sandy courtyard, filled with other relaxing backpackers and palm trees everywhere.  At AUD$20 a night, we are paying for the location (about 6 footsteps from the beach) because the whole place is really basic - but exactly what we wanted.   There was a small emergency. I have quite a thing about creepy crawlys.  Dim and I checked out the bed thoroughly before diving in on the first night - all clear from bed bugs.  Hey, you never can tell!  But the following morning, after my shower, I saw a scattering of scurrying little creatures.  I first called it a colony but Dim pointed out that six bugs does not a colony make.
The bar at the back of our hostel.
  Still, I was alarmed.  I immediately started scratching and was convinced they were bed bugs....until one flew away and then I realised they had flown in through the window and all had little wings.  Panic over.  I still kept looking for infestations all day and triple checking for bites....just not convinced.  All good though.  Came down with a nasty cold too so Dim had to put up with my bug paranoia and incessant sickness winging.  What a trooper she is.

We visited Chichen Itza yesterday.  It was fantastic.  These are Mayan ruins smack bang in the middle of the Yucatan peninsula.  One of the wonders of the world, it was easy to see why when our guide went into the history behind these fascinating ruins.  I was flawed at the accuracy and detail used hundreds of years ago.

Chichen Itza. Serpent carvings everywhere.
  It really is a kind of eerie place though when you hear about the history of it all.  He told us of a game they played, similar to soccer but finishing with throwing the ball through a ring of rock.  There are two teams and the game is only watched by priests.  At the end, the captain of the winning team is a sacrifice to the gods.  Infact, hundreds of people were sacrificed here from heros to maidens to children.  All were gifts to the gods.  Stone carvings everywhere depict these images which, although kinda gruesome, is so fascinating at the same time.  Our tour leader was about 60 and looked a lot like that actor from the B&W 60´s movies with the googly eyes (Deb, you know the one).  With a slight spitting-when-he-spoke problem, Dim and I kept our distance but man was he interesting and really got into all the stories.
Just to prove I went to Chichen Itza....

That was a really long day (about 3 hrs on the bus in each direction), we left at 7.30am and return at 7.30pm.  Glad we did it though.  Today is our last beach, blog, bartar (shop) and booze it up day so we are making the most of it.  We fly out to Havana tomorrow at lunch.  Very excited about that.  We have chatted to a few other tourists and there is not a bad word to say about Cuba. 

Well that´s it for Mexico.  I´ll chat again soon from Cuba!!!  Yay!!!!



mume says:
Hi Shell and Dim,
The pic's look great keep on enjoying the trip. I have had another thought about the actor you are trying to remember the name of - is it Marty Fieldmen? Stay safe
Mum and Warren
Posted on: Apr 04, 2008
debbiej says:
Nice pics it sounds great and really cheap have a Kahlua for me or two. Love the idea of being just on the beach wish i was there to see shell with the bugs lol. How is the shopping there? Checked on your place last night shell all is good, some parts of mornington and frankston are still without power and will take another 48 hours to fix. have a blast as speeedy gonzarlis would say ondeylayippa ????? love deb
Posted on: Apr 03, 2008
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The main strip of Playa Del Carmen.
The main strip of Playa Del Carmen.
Our beach...well, ours for the mom…
Our beach...well, ours for the mo…
The bar at the back of our hostel.
The bar at the back of our hostel.
Chichen Itza.  Serpent carvings ev…
Chichen Itza. Serpent carvings e…
Just to prove I went to Chichen It…
Just to prove I went to Chichen I…