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The cinema in Habana.


I´m tired of the city life, summer´s on the run.  People tell me I should stay, but I got to get some fun.  So don´t try and hold me back.  Aint nothing you can say.  Snake eyes on the paradise, and we´ve got to go today.......Take to me to April Sun In Cuba....ohohohoh..

Hola mi amigos y mi familia!!

We made it into Cuba yesterday.  Wow!!!  So different to anywhere I have ever been before.  In a good way, too.

Firstly, mobile doesn´t work so dont think I´m snobbing you - no reception at all.  Also, internet extremely scarce, expensive and my-lord slow :(  I am having technology withdrawals here. 

We got a taxi from the aeropuerto to our casa partucalares but unfortunately it was fully booked.

Any old street in Habana. Old Chev´s and Buicks absolutely everywhere.
  Yes, booking ahead would´ve made sense but is easier said than done.  So, we went on the recommendation of the casa owner (who spoke not a work of english) and are now staying with a family near the city centre.  Awesome location!!!  Three stories up and with a georgeous little balcony overlooking a park.  Great during the day but a little dodgy at night.

Last night we went to the main street Obispo Street.  We changed currency at the only bank you can and tried to buy a coke - easier said than done.  We had a really basic meal but apparently, according to other tourists, it was good.  Things are kinda expensive here....internet is EUR5 per hour, that´s the cheapest.  Water is EUR1 per small bottle.  Maybe not expensive but compared with Mexico, it is.

The tank that Fidel stood and rode in through the Bay of Pigs.

Today, we did the Museo Nacional De Bellas Artes (Musuem of Modern Art) and the Museo de la Revolucion (Museum of the Revolution).  Both fascinating and well worth it.  Took a quick shot of us infront of the actual tank that Fidel rode through know the famous photos of Fidel standing in a tank through the Bay of Pigs invasion.  That one! 

We had lunch in a cute little cafe in the centre of town.  Cobble stone streets everywhere with the most amazing architecture.  Doors that are about 20 feet high, solid wood and brass knockers.  Bright coloured buildings and old cars.  James, you would love it here - every 2nd car is a an old American 50´s original condition or done up - it doesn´t matter here.  We opted for a pizza for lunch which was dough, tomato paste and melted cheese.

I love this dude!! How cool is he? Check out the size of that cigar!!!
  Funnily enough, not the worst pizza I´ve ever had though.  Of course, mojitos were in order which went down well, too.  In the cafe, a band was singing "Girl from Ipanema".  There were a group of men, a yachting team from Slovakia singing along.  I said to Dim, it looks funny to see a group of Slovakian men singing Girl from Ipanema.  I´m sure they are blogging somewhere now saying - funny, we saw these two Aussie chicks singing Girl from Ipanema.  After that, the band took a break and a CD went on.  After a little Billy Joel and Hall & Oates, we were treated to Barry Manilow.  Mandy was our warm up number, followed with Copacobana.  "The hottest spot north of Habana.
For a small tip of EUR3.00 these girls will put on the bright red lippy, one on each side and pucker up on your cheeks!
..."  Never really been a Barry Manilow fan but was quite loving the moment....

No cuban cigars yet although they are everywhere.  We arrived in Cuba a little tired and emotional from the night before.  Way too many Dos Equis cervesas and too little sleep.  I am still trying to shake this awful cold too so will wait a day or two for the cigars. 

Off to Vinales tomorrow by bus (not too reliable we hear).  There is horse riding in this valley which is supposed to be stunning.  Also, we plan to go out to a cigar factory.  After that, Playa del Estes which is about 30 kms from Habana.  This is where all the locals to go beach it up and we figured they might be more entertaining than the Americans in Playa Del Carmen.  2 nights in each is the plan, with our last night back in Habana.

Locals here are soooo friendly, our casa owner is like a mum.  She keeps telling us to put our hands over our eyes and ears with the Cuban men.  They are a little leary and putting our hands over our ears is probably a good recommendation but god created some very handsome men here so I will not insult them by closing my eyes. 

Well, we are off to get some dinner and back to our casa.  Adios!!



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The cinema in Habana.
The cinema in Habana.
Any old street in Habana.  Old Che…
Any old street in Habana. Old Ch…
The tank that Fidel stood and rode…
The tank that Fidel stood and rod…
I love this dude!!  How cool is he…
I love this dude!! How cool is h…
For a small tip of EUR3.00 these g…
For a small tip of EUR3.00 these …
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