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A sense of adventure was in the air as we strutted into Melbourne airport but little did we know that it would be a lady having a small fit right in front of us.  Dim stayed with her as I went off to get help (yep, I took the easy option).  The drama behind us, we set off to checkin.  Man, were we excited...until the girl at checkin told us that we couldn´t sit together.  Infact, we were worlds apart - I was in the very last row and the checkin girl was asking Dim if she was good with babies - yep, bassinet seating for her.  We got it sorted and the girl announced that she´d given us excellant seats - the two at the back.  Ace!!

Off to Qantas lounge for some last minute gorging before our flight and then we were off.  Dim managed to keep up the tradition of burning her retinas with back to back movie viewing.   Lauren, I think she even out did your Hong Kong trip this time.  We arrived in L.A on time but the customs line was hideous.  It took us about an hour and a half to get through it - severly digging into our connection time of 2 and 1/2 hrs.  The girl in customs said that she didn´t think we would make it and we´d have to overnight in L.A or Mexico City.  We had to get to Cancun so our flight was the last one - we thought we´d give it a bash.  Backpacks on, we started running through the terminal and outside and into the next builiding.  It is a scene I am all too familiar with and one that often ends in tears.  Luckily, Mexicana was close - well, it was still a good 10 minute run...backpacks bouncing. 

We were too late to get our luggage on the flight so the girl just suggested we go to the gate and try to get on.  L.A. airport is one of my most hated - everything is so far away and the security checkpoints everywhere really slows you down.  We were running again.  We pleaded with the security girl to get us to the front of the line - which she did.  It was still reminiscent of squishing cattle into a cattle truck - lots of pushing and shoving.  We had 15 mins before take off and we had to run past about 5 gate lounges to get to ours.  I walked through the security scanner as our backpacks went through the monitor.  It was then that it hit me.  The liquids!!  We had all of our sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner and all in our backpacks.  You´re not allowed to travel with more than 100mls in any container unless it´s checked in.  We never thought we´d be boarding with our big backpacks so we had everything in there from liquids to needles (just incase of an emergency) to tweezers and all sorts of banned things.  I heard the girl behind the monitor say - "bag check" as all of this went through my mind.  We were soooooo close to boarding that flight.  

Security came over and we opened up my backpack.  The friendly security girl was at the end of her shift, I can only assume.  She really didn´t give a toss.  She opened up the main part of the my bag, not the part filled with liquids and a virtual pharmacy complete with syringes, and picked up my sunscreen bottle - smack on 100 mls and said "you´re fine, go through".  No thorough search.  I´m wondering if I was coming from Mexico into the US instead of the other way around whether they would have been more thorough.  But we didnt care at that point.  We ran past the other gates to ours.  Puffing away, we handed over our boarding passes and we were on.  WE´d made it.  Only 5 mins to spare.  Needless to say, slept like a baby on that flight!

We spent our first night in Cancun last night.  We lived it up in a nice hotel but are on our way to our grungy hostel in Playa Del Carmen today.  Lounging around the beach and some shopping are in order for today.  Tomorrow we are off to Chichen Itza to visit the Mayan ruins.  I cant wait for that.  Very excited.  Have I mentioned, I´m excited?!  Although we haven´t seen too much more than airports, what little we have seen of Mexico is absolutely beautiful.

The spanish had a small working out at the airport.  I am only practising with people who speak english as well so that I can fall back on it when I get truly stuck.   Anyway, all good and the weather here is to die for - a sultry 33 degrees.  Well, I´m off to hit the bus to Playa del Carmen and to get some talcum powder sand between my toes...... 



nicwise says:
Hi Michele. You sound like you are having the best time, I can tell this holiday is exciting. Anthony we cry when I tell him the price of the coronas. Loving Mexico but can't wait to hear all about Cuba. I so want to go to Cuba.....somehow I think its going to be awhile!! Let me know if you can take kids....I know I'm dreaming, can you imagine!!!Enjoy, speak soon.Nicxx
Posted on: Apr 03, 2008
debbiej says:
hi ya guys well while you have been having a blast in mexico we have had the day from hell the weather was really bad we are getting over 100km winds which are coming across from WA which are having cyclones the trian lines have been stopped traffic is at a crawl trees down...everything down the chickens were even getting lifted up by the wind the mornington boat harbour have security guards down on the beach to stop looting of the crashed yachts. we are all fine. Today we are just expecting hail yeah. But your trip sounds fab and can't wait to see some photos. take care love deb
Posted on: Apr 02, 2008
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