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do you think osaka is a city?

you are wrong - osaka seems to be one huge shopping mall

after trying some japanese breakfast this morning in kyoto (i'm not a fan, from neither the breakfast nor kyoto) i decided to put my rail pass to another good use and hopped on a train to osaka. if japanese can see europe in 1 week i surely can see osaka in 3 hours! i was tempted to just sit in the train and drive to the final stop himeji to see the famous castle there... but thought baaa, cities are more fun than a tourist filled castle

i didn't want to waste much time in the northern part, kita, so i just walked around the station area. i was on basement floor 1 and walked towards an exit / shopping center... passed millions of stores, was suddenly underneath the second shopping center and decided to head up to ground floor level where there are supposed to be some used cam shops. only to discover the next shopping center right next to it! crazy! this must be the worlds biggest shopping complex, at least of where i have been so far. i ventured down into the dungeon again and found my way to the subway station after a while - not bad for someone who gets lost even in lousy shopville @ zurich main station

subway down to nimba station to explore the minami area, which must be more fun at night but i can't be bothered to nightlife around at the moment anyway. i got to ground floor immediately this time only to find myself again in a really never ending arcade / hallway thingy covering about 3 subway stops! crazy!

then i got a bit dizzy and suspected the about 5000 missing calories from the last few days and took care of that problem in the nearest lotteria (not a gambling chain, but a fast food chain). nicer interior than mcdonalds in sydney or san francisco plus even special power outlet seats - nice! food was good as well and i felt safer on my feet thereafter.

frightened by this forced window shopping overdose i decided to leave osaka immediately to check out some more kyoto sights. of course i took the shinkansen on my way back for the 15 min journey, just because i could, haha!

so back in kyoto i walked to the temple thingy near my hostel. it looked like a replica from the one i visited yesterday, just smaller... urgh, it's already getting boring, that was fast, even for me :-) 5 minutes to the east is a zen garden which i only made a brief enough entrance to find out that they want 500 yen now (minimum!) and i don't felt like paying a meal equivalent for a random garden in the neighborhood

tomorrow: hostel change in the morning (don't like the one im in now) and then off to nara for a day trip
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photo by: yasuyo