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yippie, snow in toronto when i woke up last morning! it doesn't really count as snow for the locals (there were at least 2m missing for that) but it was good enough for me! i even got an original canadian pancakes, maple syrup and ham breakfast! a good start in a day that turned out to be quite stressful later on

worried by the snow i checked the weather forecast for san francisco in the morning which wasnt too bad - but hmmmm, dallas, my stopover for the flight has blizzards and dont know what; many flights were delayed or cancelled... so i was feeling a bit uncomfortable: i certainly don't want to be stuck in dallas, especially dallas in a bloody snowstorm! i called aa and they were really helpful and rebooked my flight to go over new york instead of dallas, for free and without hassle... good service and no problems that day... so i thought!

i got my macbook invoice stamped by canada customs at the airport (which is approx. 2km away from the checkin counter and you have to go there with all your luggage... luggage cars cost 3 cad of course), interrogated terrorist-like by a grumpy us customs guy (come on, i know your job sucks and you are jealous of people travelling, but a smile wouldnt be too hard, especially since you are representing your country there) and finally seated in a cute little amerian eagles jet again

and i sat there for a while on the rollfield since jfk airport decided to reduce incoming flights to a minimum because of software problems (wow, they have a new excuse now)... we started with an one hour delay but landed in time for my connection in ny - 30 minutes until take off to san francisco, i could have bet 1000 usd that my big bag wont make it...

... and indeed, my bag is still in new york... not because 30 minutes are too short in general, but because those anti terror wimps decided that searching my bag at jfk is more important than just carrying it over to my next (domestic!!) airplane.

good job usa, how about spending tax money for public transportation in your cities instead of a job creation program for idiots in uniforms
jazphoto says:
Our goverment is DEFINITELY insane!!! I could go on, and on....
Posted on: May 18, 2007
Circuitloss says:
"how about spending tax money for public transportation in your cities instead of a job creation program for idiots in uniforms"

You have no idea how much many Americans, myself included, agree with you. Our government is insane...
Posted on: May 02, 2007
VegasBrittney says:
Well said!
Posted on: Jan 24, 2007
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