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i thought that my last city in vietnam is worth another try in term of touristy activities... so on friday afternoon i visited the war remnants museum and on saturday a half day trip to the cu chi tunnels.

the war remnants museum was stunning and shocking... pictures of the war, war crimes and agent orange victims. very disturbing to watch. also there was a family walking laughing through the exhibition halls and pointing at agent orange pictures... and of course the minute you step outside to think about what you have seen you have 5 moto drivers in your face. all those punks should be sent back in time

in the evening i decided to check out downtown nightlife, i.e. q bar and apocalypse now... not much going on so not really worth it. i was surprised by how modern downtown saigon is, though.
.. the area around the q bar is quite upscale. on the way back i found the red district by accident or there were just 100 bunny-clothed young girls waving at me for another reason. i did not stop to inquire :-)

cu chi tunnels... oh my... that was almost as bad as the boat trip. about 60 people in our 2 busses, 1 tourguide and even more people at the site itself which is rather boring... cu chi tunnels are the 200km tunnel network of the cu chi rebels during the vietnam war. it's a very touristy affair, not much to see of the tunnels at all, just some prepared showcases. most disturbing thing is the shooting range where you can fire off a ak47.

and there was one americanized family consisting of grandma, mother, aunt and 3 kids - all very overweight, loud and pushy. i so hoped the get stuck in the tunnel, i wouldn't have stopped laughing

my health is still on a roller coaster at the moment, don't know what to think of it but it's not really bad so no doc.
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