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best beer: beer lao, laos
best beach: ko phi phi ley
best mainland beach: hoi an, vietnam
best city: tokyo
best country: japan
best language: finnish
best nightclub: ministry of sound, singapore
best women: brazil
best travelers: china
best hostel: secret garden, quito
best airline: qantas
best pickpockets: ecuador
best people watching spot: khao san road, bangkok
best wifi coverage: vietnam
best hostel concept: loftstel, new york
best food: china
best burger chain: burger king
best prices: laos
best sight: angkor wat
best sunset: boracay
best island: ko phi phi ley
best pictures: new zealand
best lake: lake tekapo
best tourist attraction: tourist tunnel shanghai
best english: philippines
best place for students: finland
best smiles: thailand
best public transport: singapore
best pool: d&d inn, bangkok
best independent travelers: south koreans
best easy listening music: laos
best clubbing music: reggaeton, south america
best travel blog: mine of course, suckers!
best travel website:
best swimming: thailand
best plastic surgeons: miami - nip & tuck, baby
best on board entertainment system: qantas
best gadget: ipod
best attitude: japan
best after work bars: tokyo
best trains: shinkansen, japan
best spitting skills: china
best work attitude: singapore
best hang out place: manga cafes, tokyo
best girl / boy clubbing ratio: cusco (incl. prostitutes)
best ad hoc sex location support: rio de janeiro
best cinema: the big one in bangkok
best king: the thai king
best taxi drivers: singapore
best after work area: clarke quay singapore
best marketing gimmick: model bar, singapore
best army visibility: china
best casual sex attitude: brazil
best public square: tianmen, beijing... freaky!
best dead dude: all communist guys in mausoleums
best memorial: killing fields, pnomh penh
best punishment: caning, singapore
best adrenaline kick: the nevis, new zealand
best drinkers: east europeans
best karaoke: japan
best dress: the vietnamese vampire dress... 100% class
best public transport vehicle: jeepney, philippines
best malls: philippines
best travel simplicity: new zealand
best first world beach place: south beach miami
best skyline: hong kong
best hawkers / night market: kaifeng, china
best hairdressers: saigon
best tailors: hoi an
best fast food: banana pancake w/ chocolate
best shrunken heads: ecuador
best meat: south america
best city beach: ipanema
best language to pick up: spanish
best continent: south america
best place to live: singapore
best experience: china

worst airline: iberia
worst behaviour: china
worst women: england (haha)
worst food: england
worst beach: ko samui tourist trap
worst ladyboys: thailand
worst road: siem reap - poipet, cambodia\
worst prices: london
worst currency: laos kip
worst animal: the ubiquitous mosquito
worst sightseeing: island tour nha trang
worst tourists: ze germans
worst weather: philippines (unlucky though!)
worst sex tourism: thailand
worst shop penetration: kfc
worst english: china
worst public transport: cambodia
worst tourist rip-offs: china
worst capitalism: vietnam
worst government: whole of scandinavia
worst airport: that shithole at the brazil/bolivia border
worst backpackers: khao san road
worst hygiene: china
worst culture: australia
worst wifi coverage: china
worst cab/moto/taxi drivers: hanoi
worst souvenir shops: china
worst music: china
worst karaoke skills: china
worst bus station: rio de janeiro
worst slums: bolivia
worst pollution: china
worst situation: getting stuck in china
worst toilets: china
worst train ride: hard seat beijing - datong
worst snack: chinese seed snacks
worst work attitude: japan
worst fetishes: japan
worst traffic: philippines
worst gridlock traffic: bangkok
worst burger idea: fish burger with rice bums
worst business ethics: china
worst subway: bejing
worst city design: bejing
worst worshipping: mao, china
worst censoring: china
worst grey on grey nightmare: beijing
worst christian brainwash: philippines
worst immigration mess: usa
worst border crossing: poipet
worst sign language skills: china
worst place to get into a fight: thailand
worst poverty: china
worst domestic fuckup: china's rural/eastcoast differential
worst crime rate: rio de janeiro
worst bus ride: minivan in laos
worst humor: vietnam
worst rainstorms: philippines
worst experience: china

and so so so so much more....
Kana says:
This is very, very, interesting! I had to laugh more than a few times... :)
Posted on: Aug 17, 2007
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