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i arrived in dunedin today, second largest city in the south with deep scottish roots (and further links to edinburgh, e.g. street layout & names) 

it's a compulsory stop, so one of the numerous one night stops which makes for an interesting mix of people - besides being a student town. after queenstown i'm neither keen on exploring another city or, even less, enjoying the night out in town. but i expect an experience similar to nelson anyway, i.e. good old english (sorry, scottish) pubs and shabby student places - no thanks

i'm sitting here in the hostel with cold weather outside and loads of things to think about - even though i had heaps of hours to use my brain cells during the bus rides, i can't keep up as travelling is more and more stimulating. one of the reasons is once again, as in south america, the number of other travellers around - which forces me more and more into isolation. this sounds probably a bit too sad for what i actually mean - not being a very social person i'm getting sick of hearing the same questions over and over, small talking with people that leave a few hours later about always the same travellers talk.

new zealand is the mecca of the adventure-tourist: wants to be adventurous and exploring, but in the end is just a tourist on vacation. no deep thoughts allowed, forced happiness and a strange desire to talk with their fellow travellers about superficial crap.

if i wouldn't leave in a few days, i would have printed new cards that just say: "hi my name is marco, i'm from switzerland, 25 years old, i'm on a round the world trip and travelling for 4 weeks with magic bus in new zealand - i've been in the americas before and asia will be next - what about you? (please tell me so i can fake being interested before forgetting it 10 minutes later)"

after meeting edgy & interesting people in hostels in the americas (which surprised me in the usa) i'm slowly giving it up here in new zealand. i love the beauty of this country and value the perfect tourist experience you get here, but it lacks a lot of what i am looking for in travelling. no wonder so many swiss people are here: it's the same polished experience as living in switzerland

which sounds a lot like i am regretting being here - which is not the case: i enjoyed being a bus tourist, doing the adrenaline stuff, seeing amazing scenery and partying each night. but i'm happy to leave on the 16th. one week in sydney and then i'm off to asia - a thought that keeps me going, i'm so excited to get more and more off the beaten track.

i just browsed through a photograph book by will mcbride. he is not only an amazing photographer but his pictures have something my pictures do not: focus on people (silly party pictures aside for a moment... :) ) i'm quite happy how the latest landscape pictures turned out, so it's time for a change - for asia i will try to concentrate more on people, emotions and street scenes.

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photo by: crystalware