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what can i say, rio is getting better and better every day :-)

the hostel is now full as well, our 8 bed dorm went from 2 to 8 in one day and everyone is busy getting ready for reveillon, at least the ones who are crazy enough to pay the premium for staying in rio... a lot of people, especially cariocas, are escaping to nearby beach places like cabo frio or ilha grande which are a lot more quieter and cheaper

anyway, a small update:

the beaches
"copacabana vs. ipanema - the beach deathmatch" was my main day activity during the last few days here... i havent yet checked out the other beaches, partly because they are even more polluted than the famous ones.

as i´m staying in copacabana this is the nearest beach and certainly the most impressive one if you first walk on the sand... impressive picture... but as soon as you spend some hours on the beach the great picture vanishes fast.... its dirty, water is cold, no waves, and, what is the most shocking fact, the world famous beautiful people of brazil are not really there... the only brazilians you see strolling around are either 60 year old has-been playboys from the good old times or selling water & beer... not much to see there, except german tourists maybe, but who wants to see those guys anyway :-)

ipanema is another world: as ive learned yesterday a very structured world even, as every km of the beach attracts its own kind of people, km 9 for example is for the alternative marijuhana crowd... but on km 10 there are all the beautiful cariocas that are missing on copacabana... and 75% are girls in typical brazilian bikinis... what a sight! the beach is much nicer too and the waves are a lot more fun

so it seems the only reason of existence for copacabana is the old myths and the reveillon party, which will take place there... other than that: stay the hell away

the nightlife
my first clubbing night was at casa de matriz, a rather alternative place for locals, comparable to the abart in zurich.. even though it wasnt really my kind of music, it was great fun to see a side of rio i didnt expect... unfortunately ive also seen a 2hour queue to get in and the pleasures of a dancefloor without air condition with night temperatures of 30°... :-)

yesterday, after a nice dinner with members of rio we went to one of the big & popular samba parties at fundição progresso in lapa, the bar & clubbing area number 1... which is quite dodgy btw at 8 o clock... never go there that early hehe

the party was huge, tons of people in a big hall with a live band in the middle... everyone going crazy and happy faces & dancing couples everywhere... eat that zurich, nightlife wannabes hehe

i hope to see some of the more posher clubs later this week, but i need to dress up a bit first, my traveller outfit is neither very attractive for girls nor are hiking boots&socks very comfortable in this heat :-)

the girls
brazilian people are beautiful; not the typical brazilian postcard-stereotype beauty, but all the different ethnical backgrounds make this diverse landscape of people so interesting... "true" cariocas have all kinds of hair color, skin tone, proportions and looks... yesterday i met a carioca who was paler than me! i didnt think thats possible, but certainly never dreamt of seeing that in rio :-)

me blending in...
i got half of my reveillon outfit now and am desperately looking for white shorts and getting my tan ready to not look totally dead dressed in white...

but my biggest step into brazilian way of dressing was buying a true brazilian speedo swim short... i must say it looks kinda gay and probably very silly on this thin white guy, but they are really convenient... and since almost nobody wears shorts here anyway, i dont stand out too much (i hope) unfortunately there are no pictures as everyone keeps laughing and rolling on the floor when they see me in my cool swim outfit.. ah well... im excited to test them in miami next week, they probably shoot me immediately :-)
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