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songkran, the thai new year, is celebrated with 4+ days of water throwing.. historically, small bits, in modern times it's a water war. big buckets, super soaker guns, ice-water, everything is allowed as long as it gets everyone around you wet.

it takes about 2 minutes of walking on the streets to get soaked to the underwear. kids are everywhere but harmless, the most evil participants are adults in possession of icewater that gets thrown form a 5l bucket at your neck

let's illustrate day 1 for innocent tourists:

the planned walking around sightseeing day changed quickly into a "farang!!!! happy new year" getting wet day... as you can see from my expression even in chiang mai's heat a bucket of ice water is hardcore hehe

but there are arm dealers everywhere and so i quickly got my weapon... time for revenge!

next, some herbal bamboo drink doping

spiritual help is never wrong, too

almost ready for the warzone at the canal

safety first!

after the battle, happy to be alive and thanking god for quickdrying travelclothes

victory dance for the surviving farangs

time for post war celebrations at the good view restaurant

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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes