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quick update on what's happening

my travel insurance ran out on 1/7 without me noticing as i thought it's 1/8... i'm lucky i didn't fall out of an airplane or something this month :-) got me a world's nomad online travel insurance for the time until i'm back in switzerland just to be sure, murphy's law and so

just got my flight dates confirmed, if i don't encounter a good reason to stay longer in london, i will be back in switzerland on sunday 5 august. it feels strange yet i'm pretty sure that i will stay some time in switzerland no matter what. anyone up for flat sharing in zuerich city? :-)

thank god it was wednesday yesterday - meaning i could make the transition into the 'holy trinity' of spending the day: sleeping, working, clubbing. ladies night at mos was a blast again... no further comments :-) decided to try zouk another day as the taxi situation was as bad as always and i'll have to order one first.

what am i working on? well, trying to update myself on the current state of web 2.0, social networks and related buzz topics. i'm working on some facebook applications, not because i think that facebook is the second coming of christ - but because firstly, the developer platform is pretty neat and secondly it moves into the direction of my humble 'vision' of future web platforms - so i try to be ready for the next iteration of things which will probably have a huge impact. i am not sure if facebook can make the transition itself, though... let's see what the parakey integration brings :-)

so enough with the techblabla, as the best social platform at the moment is singapore. the inncrowd hostel has a fantastic turnover rate - you sit down on the sofa for some time just waiting for the fresh supply of people flocking in! and during the day i'm working in the study room of the national library, which is a pretty fantastic place with loads of cute students for distraction :-)
somalinomad says:
yes! stay in london longer! i'll be there on the 12th :)
Posted on: Jul 29, 2007
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