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nice, after the luggage dillemma on arrival i now have a delay drama while departing! and both times it seems to be connected to dallas... i hate dallas!

the domestic - less than 1 hour - flight from san francisco to los angeles is delayed by 2 and a half hours because the plane comes from dallas where it can't leave yet because one again of the stupid blizzards and don't know what.. as if you couldn't expect that in advance

well, anyway, i changed the flight again for another flight which is leaving fabulous 5 minutes earlier than the new departure time for my old flight, but is not coming from dallas which i prefer

but knowing my luck, this flight will certainly be delayed as well so that the other plane which is on the same gate can leave earlier...

brrr, airports... terrible, next time i take the bus... besides, the queueing system here is so braindead: the later you come the better treatment you get... i was there 2 hours before planned flight time and stood in the line only to have 2 guys moved in front of me because their flight is leaving in 30 minutes... and of course, both idiots parade huge mcdonalds bags in their hands - time for mcdonalds but not time for checkin on time, hm? go to hell or at least i wish your bags end up in australia instead of tokyo

at least i got my macbook now to use the waiting time for something productive (like running bittorrent hehe) since there is a t mobile wireless hotspot here! but, of course, my credit card is over the limit after my shopping spree and the magic bus booking for new zealand - so i stay offline

some travel days are just... not worth it hehe

at least i will be in hollywood tonight and will hopefully conquer scarlett johanssen's heart during the next 3 days...
kimberley_wilson says:
I feel your pain. I was travelling from New York to Hawaii with a stopover in San Fransisco and instead of an hour wait until my next flight, I was stuck there for 9 hours!!! It is such a boring airport too!
Posted on: Jul 10, 2008
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