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when the train arrived in saigon at 23:30 i had quite high fever again so was happy that i arranged pickup to my hotel...

... which of course was nowhere to be found... so i hopped into a metered taxi on my own which was quite cheap so not too bad...

... if only the hotel would have remembered that i made a freaking reservation which was confirmed about 3 times when mailing back and forth... 'sorry we are full, no email' - 'but you wrote me back twice!' - 'sorry, don't have room'

kim hotel will get a nice review later... bloody bastards

i really like vietnam if only it wasn't for the fucked up tourist industry - unless you pay big bucks, everyone just screws with you and doesn't even feel bad about it.

but the 5star train was great... had some interesting talks with locals before i fell into ibuprofen delirium and it was by far the most comfortable journey of my trip so far... those nice seats... yummi.... service is not yet 5star but i'm sure it will be as they just started the whole thing. that's the other side of the spectrum for 'you get what you pay for'

anyway, so i was stranded at 2400 with fever in the backpacker ghetto of saigon. so lots of hotels that were still open thank god. went to a nicer one as i just wanted to sleep and bargained from 18 to 15usd for the windowless prison cell room which was quite nice otherwise, couldn't be bothered to check into one of the 5usd rooms. this morning i looked around and found a nicer and cheaper family run guesthouse where i got a window room and bigger bed for 10usd. all good now

don't feel too bad today. went out to buy a new daypack as my berghaus one had broken zippers and my shanghai quality leather laptop bag is falling apart a bit :) got a nice counterfeit or night shift-production north face bag that fits both camera bag and laptop for 8usd, finally!

also got my furry hair cut down to 5mm again in the dodgiest (i.e. cheapest) barber shop around. after i woke up the 3 people working there i got hell of a great haircut. he didn't just use the machine to cut my hair, he was applying the whole arsenal of tools including a bloody big cut throat knife to my almost bold head for astonishing 2 usd... including neck massage and a bit strange beating-me-with-a-wet-towel episode.

hope i'm ready for nightlife tonight as i missed out a lot so far and it sure has a great vibe around here.. nice bars around and of course i want to check the apocalypse now nightclub this weekend. traffic doesn't seem as bad as in hanoi yet (contrary to what everyone says) but density of motos / people selling shit is even higher. i'm sure i'll have a great time but my visa runs out soon

so chilled the last 2 hours watching the lost season 3 finale... wooooyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - can't wait for prison break and lost to continue

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