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ko phangan really is fantastic! even nightlife reaches the critical mass, albeit starting late, with beach parties and even a place (obviously called 'zoom') playing psytrance / goa there... no beach location with psytrance can be bad, even though only a few lost psychos hang around there! :)

minus points for no waves whatsoever and overpriced internet... they advertise wifi on the island but it's bad coverage and very expensive - too bad, i would have stayed a month here otherwise and worked on some things

many many scandinavians and swiss folks around, the sunbathing blondie type, but not so many loud obnoxious guy groups as on samui. it's quite relaxing during the day. great mix between peace, sun & thoughts during the day and party at night.

the normal day-circle is shifted by a few hours as it should be at a beach... while i'm writing this at my beach lookout spot at 11 am, the first few people are gathering on the beach. i had the whole bay for myself when i had a quick hangover swim this morning.

i found a fantastic restaurant yesterday, called bamboozle or something like that. it's mexican and i can't really judge the quality of the food (i liked it, but i'm not really a gourmet hehe) but the atmosphere was top notch and food not too expensive. it's set in a teak bungalow up the hill between trees.

damn, this is my 8. month of traveling and after immersing myself the first few months i've moved more and more in an observer role. i travel more like a critic than actually being part of the whole thing :)

at 9pm a tropical rain storm said hello and i used that as a sign to have a quick power nap before the night out.
.. got up at 12, dodged the army of stray dogs claiming the beach near my bungalow and went to the cactus beach / indoor club. thanks to billions of bucket-selling hawkers at the beach drink prices are quite nice (60 for a glass, buckets start at 180 or so) and thanks to the unsealed mini bottles of booze in those buckets (which means with a probability of 99% that this smirnoff bottle is actually a refilled bottle out of the trash bin filled with some cheap headache-infusing knockoff) everyone is drunk quickly.

dancing started at 1am with a bargirl / touristgirl ratio of 20/80, which at 5am when i left was transformed into 80/20. i was wearing my white money shirt without expecting uv lamps so i was looking more like a walking xmas tree.

what else? two fights.
.. gotta love the thais. ever-smiling, suppressing all anger until with the help of booze it bursts out full of rage. thais dont fight for fun or to settle arguments, it gets pretty serious. not a problem if thai vs. thai, as quickly the two sides are separated... but thai vs. farang can get quite ugly.

and what about the thai girls? i was once again on the prospect list of a bargirl and after getting rid of her a few times she came back with her brother barboy saying 'you gay!'. what's worse than bargirls? right, barboys.

but nevertheless, i like it so much here in phangan that i will probably ditch going to ko phi phi which is probably a more ko samui like experience. but i haven't decided yet. 
sasa86 says:
your days in phangan sound like bliss!
Posted on: Feb 05, 2008
newtampo says:
"and what about thai girls?" - Awww ... depressing.
Posted on: Jun 22, 2007
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Koh Phangan
photo by: alanmica