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NOT tibet/nepal/india

reasoning: my stomach says so hehe

no - there is some rational thinking behind it; for once i don't want to go overland to xi'an to lhasa (too bad, i will miss the warriors and the tibet train) because of my frustrations and flights are terribly expensive. additionally it is theoretically impossible to get an indian visa in kathmandu (but in practice should be no biggy... but it is a risk still)

and i am too tired to do both india and south east asia properly, which would take another 5 to 6 months which is not an option as i see it now

so i decided to go down to south east asia directly. spoke with qantas and as it turned out i can include the shanghai - bangkok flight in my rtw ticket so i don't have to get a separate flight (which are either booked out or unaffordable for the next month). my flight to bali will be kicked out but i am not too keen anymore anyway, will take my future wife to a bali hut for a 2 weeks honeymooon, that's more appropriate than backpacking hehe

costs 150usd + taxes, not too bad.

april 1 i will fly down if everything works out (qantas office is closed on weekends here so will be locking it in on monday, but he reserved seats for me)

that means more than one week here in shanghai. but shanghai seems more like hong kong than beijing so far, which is a very very good thing. can enjoy two full weekends here and will probably do a 2 day trip to guangzho (or whatever it's called, too lazy to look it up) during the week.

i have serious hopes for finding some deodorant here (i even just bought a proper english lonely planet for se asia!)

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this is a emotional rant, could be interpreted as racism, but before you do so, move your ass down here and travel on chinas railways, then judge.

good bye china

i like the country, it is in an interesting state at the moment - but the people.. i cannot and more importantly don't want to cope with the constant rudeness, bad behavior and other interesting traits i encounter every day, every hour at nearly every interaction. i would like to travel more but not with 1 billion people working together to make every traveller feel unwelcome. if you don't travel in a 5star bubble from tour bus to hotel to tourist site to airport (which is probably the model of how beijing wants to deal with the olympics...), if you travel, eat, stay next to the huge working class population - you ask yourself if it is really worth it. for me the answer is no, especially with all the other crap that is happening like the ticket mafia, etc.

for a civilization that is thousands of years old one could expect more, much more. this nation is nowhere near ready for next year and i hope they don't succeed in showing a china that consists only of the in reality maybe 1% of entrepreneurial, modernized and globally successful chinese

i will leave china after my stay here in shanghai - i am close to stereotyping all chinese (which is VERY tempting considering the experienced sample, and, as you see in this blog entry) or even worse hit the next idiot who pisses me off. i won't talk much about the bus ride, but it was a summary of all the crap behavior i had to deal with so far. you want my money? you want more tourists? than get your shit together, china.

the nations get the governments they deserve, never been so true like here

i am very disappointed, but i still think it was a good experience and i would have never imagined china that crass different from what the world (or just naive me, maybe everyone else knew that 99% of its people still live in a different universe) thinks of it.

it is a shame
wanderlass says:
It's a shame that u had such bad experience here
Posted on: Jun 25, 2007
photo by: spocklogic