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well... the first impression was not that stunning...

i still got a broken heart from leaving miami that soon and the inefficiency of the jfk airport, i.e. every 2 minutes one bag appeared with everyone waiting after the already delayed flight, so the start was rough

since i was already pissed yesterday night i decided to drive to the hostel with the b15 bus, in the otherwise pretty safe ny nowadays a choice that adds some spice i thought... the line drives 45 minutes through east ny / brooklyn, a rather tough neighborhood still... needless to say that i was the only backpacker, the only tourist and the only white person :-) but no problems at all, the bus driver helped me with information, some passengers changed a 1$ bill into coins, etc... and the sight you get & the passengers are certainly more interesting than the taxi ride... and 32$ cheaper

so i arrived late at the hostel, sorry, "loftstel" in a borderline trendy/ghetto area, south williamsburg, some 10 minutes east from manhattan by subway... free internet, nice people, comfy hostel & cheap! if it only was in manhattan itself, it would be overrun with people

today i walked through manhattan, and damn, i walked a lot... blisters on my feet made me move the ny clubbing experience to another day hehe

but as always, im really lucky with the weather... it was over 20 celsius today and half of the time i walked around with sunglasses and tshirt!

but after this day, im not THAT impressed with ny... sure, its like london tenfolded - but it lacks character i think... but maybe it grows on me a bit during the next few days... east village on sat evening was quite promising at least, so let's see what the next few days will bring :-)

ah... the new yorkers.... they sure seem to be a special breed.. but come on, all the girls look exactly the same trendy/cool way... big sunglasses, overlong shirt, tight jeans or leggins and a long black coat over it... come on! you look different than people in miami yes, but you all look the same!

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jazphoto says:
Ah New to visit for a weekend, but I personally could never live's way to overwhelming for me! I totally agree with you on the way girls dress. It's pretty much the same all over the states. In L.A., they all dress the same...different from NY, but the same. In D.C. they dress the same, different from L.A. and N.Y. but the same. Americans (in my opinion) have no sense of originality. I am totally generalizing, but I have noticed this my entire life....
Posted on: May 18, 2007
angelalovestotravel says:
i definitely heart new york! one of my favourite places in the world... sigh. anyways, i'm thinking of spending a few months there and i've looked at the loftstel and it seems like really good value. maybe you could write a review on loftstel when you get the chance? hint hint :D
Posted on: Jan 31, 2007
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New York
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